Chapter 13 Stop Fighting!

Alice wasn't moved by his question. "I don't want to have a baby with anyone," she said emotionlessly.

Terence smiled and said gently, "But I need to." As he spoke, he had already freed a hand to tear Alice's thin and transparent silk nightgown without too much care. "Let me check it first."

Obviously, Terence didn't aim to simply check her body. He had already lost his mind and with a shoulder throw, Alice was laid flat on the bed.

Alice allowed Terence to kiss her as he pleased, but her heart was pounding fast.

Damn Terence. She didn't expect him to do it again.

The effect of the long-lasting sedative had gradually dissipated because of the antidote Jonathan had fed her yesterday, and as a result, she also regained some strength. But apparently, she couldn't kick away the man who was practicing the act of indecency on her. She was only able to make some useless resistance.

There was a small flame running around Alice's body. The flame also licked Terence, trying to burn him to death.

Alice was holding back, tolerating Terence's hand reaching deep into her collar, enduring his anger since he woke up in the morning. As she tried to resist with her palms, she muttered to herself.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Four seconds.

Five seconds.

Finally, the door was pushed open, accompanied by Andrea's cheers. "I'm here for the gift, Alice!"

But in an instant, after she saw what happened, Andrea screamed in a panic to Jonathan waiting outside the door, "Alice and Terence are fighting each other. Come now and stop them!"

She rushed into the room first, pulled away Terence that was still pressing against Alice, and said anxiously, "Terence, apologize to my sister. Today is New Year's Eve. The whole family should be harmonious! Please don't fight against each other."

But Jonathan was a normal person. Seeing the closed curtains and dark room, surely he knew what these two people were doing. Everything he saw in the Laris family was unexpected, which was both embarrassing and mentally suffering.

Alice took advantage of this opportunity and used some of her strength to kick Terence away. He rolled to the ground and suddenly groaned in pain.

The kick hit his vitals between the legs.

"Ah, Terence, are you okay? I'll find mom and let her call the doctor!"

Andrea was about to leave flurriedly, but Terence stopped her. "Come back! I'm fine."

Terence stood up in huge pain. He didn't know whether it was Alice or Andrea that kicked him. He staggered out of the room. Jonathan had already retreated to the stairs.

Terence's expression turned a little pale when he saw Jonathan. "Why are you here?"

"Of course for something." Jonathan didn't even want to talk nicely to Terence when he felt that Terence was venting his anger on others.

Terence didn't reply too much. He quickly returned to the room. Soon, the sound of showering came from inside.

Andrea came out at this moment. "I'll get a glass of water for my sister," she said to Jonathan.

Andrea ran downstairs briskly and disappeared.

Jonathan was curious to know everything about Alice. This frightful curiosity triggered him to get closer and reveal her secrets.

After all, just when he arrived, he could still see the normal Alice standing by the window.

But a few minutes later, Terence and Alice drew the curtains closed.

(If you don't want Terence to trick me to death, just do what I say.)

This sentence always urged Jonathan to get closer to Alice step by step.

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