Chapter 09 You Have to Marry the Laris Girl

Jonathan did not want to argue with Terence, so he left first.

(Although we were classmates, I was not familiar with him. Terence's image in school was very different from now, making me feel quite strange whenever I see him.)

On the other hand, Jonathan didn't care much about Terence, but he didn't anticipate that he would cross paths with him so much now.

Jonathan drove himself here today, and he was dizzy in the driver's seat. It was late, so he ordered the designated driving service.

Ten minutes later, the substitute driver arrived and Jonathan got into the back seat.

Jonathan drifted off to sleep because of the driver's smooth driving, and just then, Harvey called.

Harvey's angry voice came from the other end of the line. "How dare you not answer my call?"

Jonathan then realized that there were a dozen missed calls from Harvey on his phone, but he never spoke to his father with a good attitude. "I still don’t know how to reacted to the fact that you suddenly prepared a marriage for me today."

Harvey was noncommittal about his words. "The woman is pretty good."

Jonathan argued helplessly. "Andrea is naive and stupid, like a child. I had lunch with her at noon, and she was completely out of touch, like a dumbass, exactly like the rumors. As an intelligent person, I really don't want to marry her. Are we Pack families so lowly that we must marry the Laris family?"

Harvey reassured him. "At least Andrea is very beautiful."

"Do I have to marry her just because she's pretty?"

Harvey gave up arguing with him and gave him the order decisively. "No matter what, you have to marry one of the Laris women. If you don't want Andrea, you can marry another one."

Jonathan sneered. (The Laris family has two daughters. Alice is already officially married to Terence, so I only have the option of marrying Andrea.)

"Is this necessary?" Jonathan was not a rebellious young man who, after all, cared about the Pack family.

Harvey answered him briefly, "It's an order from Senior Mrs. Pack."

Jonathan hung up on his father again.

Jonathan fell asleep and curled up in the back seat in anger. He knew deep down that Harvey wouldn't harm him, but he had to contribute to the Pack family.

In his sleep, he vaguely felt that his life was ridiculous. (The reason why I can't live my life fully all these years is that I might bring some benefit to the Pack family one day.)

After arriving at his destination half an hour later, the driver called out to him several times before he woke up from his drunken stupor.

He was so confused that he tried to pay by mobile banking but failed repeatedly and finally had to give the substitute driver two hundred dollars in cash.

"The rest of the change is your tip."

The driver, a spirited young man, smiled and accepted the cash before handing Jonathan a business card. "If you need any help, you can contact me. I also offer business on top of chauffeuring."

(I wouldn't have needed to call a substitute driver if the family driver hadn't happened to be busy.)

Jonathan shook his hand and rejected the young man's flattery.

However, the young man looked at him drunk and boldly slipped the business card into Jonathan's suit pocket with a casual reminder. "Senior Mrs. Pack is not at home today, so you can try the password."

Jonathan was startled and wanted to ask the young man two more questions. But before he could react, the young man had already run away on a bicycle on the side of the road.

Jonathan's mind came back to Alice's cold but exquisite face. He held the wall to calm his thoughts and then took out the business card from his pocket.

This was just a piece of white cardboard instead of a business card.

However, there was a string of numbers on it that looked like a phone number.

The back of the cardboard read three numbers and the way to unlock the safe, which was to turn three circles left and three circles right.

Jonathan sobered up from his drunkenness, his forehead dense with cold sweat.

(This should be the initial code for the safe in Senior Mrs. Pack's room.)

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