Chapter 04 Go Home

Jonathan was truly speechless. He didn't want to talk to Alice at all, for it would make him look as lunatic as her. "It seems that the nurse didn't give you enough sedative. You're talking nonsense."

Jonathan said it in a face-saving way for Alice. Otherwise, he would have blurted out words like “lunatic”. Anyway, he had been arrogant all these years.

Alice looked quite calm. She replied, "Thank you for feeding me the pill."

Jonathan's hand paused, and he hadn't expected the pill was actually an antidote to sedative. And then he closed the window. Alice was strange and looked half sober and half crazy, which made her unpredictable for Jonathan.

However, there was no time for him to think it over.

As they spoke, the car was repaired, and the nurse came back five minutes later. She panted as she carried a large bag of medicine into the car. When Jonathan looked at Alice in the rear-view mirror, Alice was lowering her head again with her glazed eyes.

An hour later, they finally arrived at the Mid Hill Villa of the Laris family.

Today was New Years eve.

Members of the Laris family were scattered at home and abroad. Even though some lived in the W City but they didn't work in the group, so they rarely met each other for several months. The members of the Laris family would return home in the next two days. Alice’s dad was the eldest son of Henry Laris, the master of the Laris family and Alice was her dad’s eldest daughter; therefore, she naturally had to come back. Henry had three offsprings. The eldest son was Colin Laris, the father of Alice and Harley Laris. Three years ago, he had fallen from the top floor of the LX Building in a trance. The second son was Andrea Laris's father, Maxwell Laris, who was a dull, timid, and henpecked man. Miranda Laris, the youngest daughter, had a small part of the shares of the Laris family. She was abroad all year round, and was not close to her family.

Henry enjoyed the lively atmosphere. On festivals, he would invite his distant cousins who worked in the group home for a small gathering. Henry had dementia for many years, so Maxwell had operated the family business for many years. Maxwell was a little tired this year and therefore Terence had arranged to bring Henry and Alice back from the Hillside Hospital. Although Maxwell was a little unpleasant, he could not convince Terence not to do it.

After getting out of the car, Alice was helped into a wheelchair.

Terence then greeted them from the door. "Thank you so much, dude. Thank you."

Terence’s alcoholic breath was all over Jonathan's cheek, and then Jonathan pushed him away in disgust. Terence knew that Jonathan did not like him, and even hated him. Therefore, he was not irritated, just grinned.

Terence did not continue talking to Jonathan. He checked his appearance, took a deep breath, and came to Alice's side. It was obvious that he was a little nervous. Alice suddenly looked up, revealing a pale face framed by her lush black hair. Terence had wanted to hug Alice, but when he saw Alice's gaze, he put his hands in the back.

Terence said with a smile, "Alice, you look good today. I bought you new clothes. Go to your room and try them on."

Then Terence winked at the nurse, and Alice was pushed into the door.

The door of the Laris family was imposing, and two people are needed to open it completely. With the heavy creaking of the wooden door, the noise from inside suddenly rushed into Alice's ears, which made her head ache.

However, as she came in, everyone quieted down abruptly with their eyes focused on Alice.

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