Chapter 11 He's My Husband

Jonathan couldn't sleep well all night. First, he drank too much at Terence's club. Second, he wondered how to avoid marrying Andrea. Although he, in the eyes of outsiders, was merely a playboy who enjoyed the wealth of the Pack family, he couldn't let the Pack family do whatever they wanted.

Third, he was uneasy about the photos he just took.

Also, what he had to do in the morning made him even more nervous.

The Pack family loved to sit on fences. It would always stand with the side that had the strongest power in W City.

In a word, the Pack family had a broad and long-term view.

Back then, it was the Pack family that suggested he shamelessly pursue Alice. However, if they knew that he was still contacting Alice, the Pack family would take away his credit card and lock him in the house.

Although this would not cause him much trouble, it was enough to insult him.

Anyway, he wanted to find out what secrets Senior Mrs. Pack had behind his back. Now it seemed that there was no other way but to get close to Alice in order to find out the truth.

The ashtray was full of cigarette butts. Jonathan was not addicted to smoking. However, starting from yesterday, he found that if he didn't smoke, he couldn't suppress the irritation in his heart.

He got up to take a shower and sat down in the car.

Only then did Jonathan find that there was a cell phone in the car.

The phone was covered with tacky pink diamonds and Hello Kitty without mouth.

Jonathan was surprised. He didn't see the phone yesterday. Why was it here today?

He didn't know whose phone it was. Fortunately, a call came in. Jonathan picked it up.

"Hello, may I ask who you are?" There was a sweet female voice on the phone. It sounded like she was in her teens.

Jonathan replied angrily, "Who are you?"

"This is Andrea Laris, and this is my phone. I went out yesterday and lost it."

Jonathan was surprised. Why was her phone in his car? He quickly changed his tone, "I'm Jonathan. I'll send you the phone now."

Andrea cheered and said to the person beside her, "Mom, my husband got my phone. He will send it back soon."

Jonathan hung up the phone in a hurry, feeling his head buzzing.

Andrea was insensible. They just had a meal yesterday, and their marriage was not settled. At this moment, how could she call him husband on the phone? He didn't know if she was really naive or she was too open in a relationship.

Jonathan drove out of the old house of the Pack family and saw a van parked not far from the door. The driver was wearing a hat. The driver glanced at Jonathan and drove away.

Jonathan drank too much yesterday. He thought that it might be the driver yesterday, but he was unsure.

Today was New Year's Eve. W City was decorated with lanterns and streamers, so did Garden Avenue. Jonathan was a little absent-minded at this time, and he kept thinking about scenes from his deep memory.

He hurriedly rolled down the window to sober himself up. The van kept a good distance from him.

It was only 7:30 in the morning, and there were no cars or pedestrians on the road. It only took half an hour for him to arrive at Andrea's home.

What would be waiting for him?

Was it right for him to come here?

Jonathan did not dare to think further. He just wanted to see how Alice, who had easily installed a substitute driver beside him, was now.

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