Chapter 07 It Doesn't Matter

Terence glared at Mabel. She covered her mouth and began to sob, not daring to utter a word.

"Who is it?" he asked angrily.

"It's me. Are you okay? I heard someone crying."

It was Jonathan.

Terence put on a smile and came out of the door. "It's the nurse who serves Alice. She ruined the new clothes I bought for Alice just now. After I scolded her, she won't stop crying. It's annoying."

Terence was wearing a robe and still had a blush after a hot bath. Jonathan had no intention of probing into Terence's family affairs. Looking in through the crack of the door, he indeed saw that the nurse was standing there and sobbing.

Seeing this, Jonathan was a little relieved.

Maybe because he was being too paranoid. As soon as Alice entered the Laris family, Jonathan began to be very nervous, afraid that something would go wrong with her. After all, Alice had a different identity now.

Now it seemed that he was just worrying too much. He was not a busybody.

"Go and clean up for Miss Alice, you idiot!"

Mabel hurriedly hid behind the door. After Terence closed the door, he smiled at Jonathan and said, "Jonathan, why are you here? The rooms above the second floor are now living area and are not open for guests."

Jonathan snorted, "If Andrea hadn't insisted on letting me see her new collection of paintings, I wouldn't have bothered to come."

Terence laughed. "Well, it seems that you guys really hit it off these days. Truth be told, I think the Laris family must have been cursed or something. Their kids are all not so smart. First Alice, Harley, and then Andrea. They all have beautiful looks, but not good heads. However, I think your marriage is a good one. After all... Half a loaf is better than no bread."

After speaking, Terence poked Jonathan with his finger.

Jonathan gave a frown. It seemed that every rich family in W City knew about his situation now.

However, he was not a man to be pushed around. "Do you really have to tease me like that?"

Terence patted Jonathan's shoulder. "I was not teasing you. We're in the same situation. We don't give a damn who we are married to. In fact, marrying a fool is better. If we hook up with someone else outside, I'm sure her family won't dare to say anything. The Laris family is on the verge of breaking down now, so actually, they are relying on us to save them."

Jonathan took a deep gasp and changed the subject. "Maxwell asked you to come along. Do you wanna go now?"

Terence looked through the door and said firmly, "OK. Let me take you to the new clubhouse tonight."

After Terence changed his clothes and left, it was finally quiet outside the door. Alice had very good hearing. When she heard the engine start outside the window and the cars drive away one by one, she felt much more at ease.

Mabel hid by the door and didn't dare to come in. Though Terence was a really tough man, Alice was even worse. Yesterday, sick Alice beat her up.

"Go and check who else is at home. Report to me in five minutes!"

Mabel went out in a hurry and ran back three minutes later. "There are only the maids left in the house now. Everyone in the family has gone to dinner, and the children have gone out to have a party."

(Very well.) Alice was very satisfied. She glanced at Mabel and shouted, "Why are you still standing there? Come over and help me clean up!"

Mabel hurried over.

This room originally belonged to Alice, but now half of it was taken up by Terence because she was away all year round. Everything she wanted to use was now piled up in the storage room.

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