Chapter 1 Awake?

"The patient's condition is already difficult to control. We must operate as soon as possible. The longer we delay, the greater the possibility of accidents for the patient, and the lower the success rate of the operation."

"The cost of the operation is about 800,000, plus the total cost of the medicine and retest is about one million."

The doctor's words lingered in her ears. After coming out of the doctor's office, Sandra Faiman seemed to have lost her soul. Her mind went blank and she walked mechanically to the ward.

When she returned to the ward, the anesthetic on grandma's body had not subsided and grandma was still in a deep sleep. She took a stool and sat by grandma's bed, holding grandma's hand with both hands. She lay on the edge of the bed, sobbing softly.

Her parents were gone. How could she raise so much money? She was only 18 years old and had just been admitted to college. She had no money and no interpersonal relationship. One million was too much for her.

But grandma was her only family. She couldn't just watch her die because of a heart attack.


At nine o'clock in the evening, there were many people and luxury cars gathered in front of the DH club.

Sandra was dressed in pure white short-sleeved clothes, jeans, and white sneakers. Standing among a group of women with heavy makeup, she was particularly eye-catching. The men in the middle of the club cast their eyes on her with blatant desire.

When no one else could see her, Sandra's lips curled and she sneered. Long before she came here, she had been mentally prepared. Now, she was just being looked at, and she had already prepared to accept it.

At eleven o'clock, she was put on a black dress and went up to the 18th floor.

Along the way, those men looked at her more than when she first came in.

[Room 1808, 18th floor.]

"Take it." The fat man who brought her up handed her a pill.

Sandra took the pill and swallowed it without water.

Seeing that she was so obedient, the fat man looked satisfied. "Serve this guest well. Come to me tomorrow to get the money."

Sandra nodded. She was ready when she came here.

Yes, for money, she sold her virginity to a man she didn't know.

And the virginity that was meant for the man she loved belonged to a strange man tonight, she was a little sad, but she did not regret it. She felt it was worth it to trade her virginity for grandma's surgery.

The fat man left the room after telling Sandra and closed the door when he went out.

Sandra was left alone in the luxuriously decorated room.

After the fat man left, she sat on the big bed. Not long after, she suddenly felt hot and dry all over her body. She set the temperature of the air conditioner to nineteen degrees celsius, but she still felt too hot.

In the end, she was already unconscious, and her white skin began to turn pale pink.

As soon as Jerome Mellman entered the room, he tugged at the collar of his shirt with his hand. Nick's homecoming welcome banquet was held tonight, but he felt hot and dry all over in the banquet. After informing them, he went straight upstairs.

DH club was Ryan Halman's property, and he had a stake in it. The rooms on the 18th floor were their own.

So Jerome didn't expect there was someone in the room. When he entered the room, he walked straight to the bathroom and took a quick cold shower. He felt that the heat on his body had calmed down a lot. Only then did he tie a towel around his waist and walk out of the bathroom.

Because of the alcohol, he was a little dizzy. It was not until he walked to the bed that he found a woman lying on the bed.

He suddenly became vigilant. "Who are you?"

This room was usually cleaned by someone they hired, and no one else could come in.

"Mmm~" he only heard an unconscious moan and the woman's hands were still tugging at her clothes, and her fair skin was abnormally pink.

At this time, Jerome was sure that the woman in bed had been drugged.

"Shit." He cursed softly and tried his best to restrain himself, but it's so alluring that even a man of great self-control like Jerome couldn't resist it.

The woman on the bed was so tempting, her small mouth unconsciously whined, and she rubbed herself against the bed with a charming look.

Jerome's throat rolled unconsciously. He was already hot all over and Sandra looked more like a catalyst. He couldn't think too much and pulled Sandra directly into his arms.

Sensing the chill from his body, Sandra arched herself up, making herself closer to Jerome.

Jerome couldn't help but get up with one hand and was about to take off her clothes.

At this moment, Sandra, who was lying under him, suddenly put her arm around his neck and said temptingly, "No..."

She was still unconscious, and now it was completely a natural reaction, but to Jerome, her move catalyzed his desire...

When Sandra woke up, it was just dawn. She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling above. Even if she was drugged, she knew what happened last night.

Bearing the pain in her body, she quickly raised her arm and was about to get up when a strong arm suddenly wrapped around her back. "Are you awake?"

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