One Night Is All It Takes

Chapter 1 Her Boyfriend Was Getting Married, and the Bride Was Her Best Friend

Today was the most important day of her life.

Sonia Langwell stood waiting outside the door. Dragging the hem of her white gauzy dress, she secretly opened the door to look inside. The man she had loved for five years, Ryan Jasmin, stood at the end of the red carpet in a pure white suit. He looked like the noble and handsome prince charming in a fairy tale, waiting to marry his princess.

The video was shown on the big screen, where sweet photos appeared with soothing music.

Suddenly, a voice came from the crowd, "The woman in the photo doesn't seem to be Sonia! It seems to be... Charlotte Zody?" People were dazed. After looking clearly, they were even more certain of what was just said: the woman in the photo was the famous movie star, Charlotte Zody!

Sonia was also shocked. She pushed open the door of the venue only to see the new couple standing at the end of the red carpet.

Her best friend Charlotte who grew up with her was in a tailored white Italy-made wedding dress. Charlotte snuggled into Ryan, Sonia's boyfriend's arms, and cried with joy. Ryan gently hugged and comforted her.

Who could tell her what the hell was going on?

Suddenly, a strong force pushed her aside, then a group of people with microphones and cameras entered the venue, surrounding Charlotte and Ryan. Sonia, wearing high heels of 12 centimeters, was pushed hard onto the cold hard marble floor, and she immediately felt acute pain in her elbows and ankles. Sonia barely stood up against the wall, her body trembling slightly. Wasn't this... she and Ryan's wedding?

"Charlotte, you've been caught choosing wedding dresses at the bridal shop before. You've been denying the rumors of marriage and claiming that it was your assistant who was getting married. What's all these today?" A reporter asked.

Another reporter didn't want to be left behind, "In April, you were found having a secret meeting with the mysterious man at the hotel for two days and a night. Someone recognized that the man in the photo was Ryan Jasmin, the vice president of XG Entertainment. What about that?"

The reporter's voice was so loud that Sonia couldn't stand steady and fell to the ground.

They were filming in the capital in April, and Ryan came to see her, but unfortunately, she went back to Shanghai to help Charlotte pick up her costumes and couldn't see him. Two months ago, she went to choose her wedding dress. Charlotte was so busy on her trip but she insisted on accompanying her. At that time, she thought that Charlotte was really a good friend... A hotel secret date? Two days and one night? Her assistant was getting married?

The two bitches made use of her to hide their secret?

Sonia smiled sadly, gritted her teeth, took off her high heels. She then stood up, walking step by step into the center of the crowd.

Seeing Sonia walking towards her, Charlotte quickly said to the reporters, "I'm sorry for keeping it from everyone. Ryan and I have been planning this wedding for a long time. Sonia, thank you for your help."

The reporters aimed their cameras at Sonia, who was walking in with a serious look on her face.

"Smack!" Sonia slapped Charlotte so hard that Charlotte staggered. Holding her face, Charlotte looked at Sonia in surprise. As her best friend and assistant, Sonia was docile all the time.

Sonia's voice was cold, and she stared at the man and woman in front of her, "Thank me? Thank me for being treated like a clown by you all these years. Is it fun?"

She raised her hand again, but Ryan grabbed it tightly, "Are you crazy? Look at where you're!"

Sonia shook off his hand with all her might. Her eyes were red. "Where am I? Why don't you see where you are when you show your affection for each other at my wedding? My fiance and my best friend?"

After listening to Sonia's words, the reporters burst into a frenzy. The cameras were aimed at Charlotte again. Was the popular actress a mistress who interfered in other people's marriage? It would be tomorrow's headline for sure!

Ryan frowned and let Charlotte stand behind him to protect her, "Charlotte knows nothing about it. I planned all of these. I'm sorry, I really love her."

Being an actress, Charlotte was good at acting, so she faked a sad mood, "I'm sorry, Sonia. Ryan and I have liked each other for ten years. Maybe I didn't tell you clearly before, and you misunderstood me..."

"Shut up!" Sonia threw the high heels in her hand at them and said with a hoarse voice, "I don't want to hear your nonsense anymore. Didn't you two get together a long time ago? Okay, go ahead! I wish you a happy marriage for life. You two bitches are a perfect match for each other!"

"Sonia, please don't say that..." Charlotte cried sadly, wiping away her tears. She made an aggrieved gesture in an attempt to gain everyone's sympathy.

"Don't call me that way. I never want to see you two again!"

Holding back her tears and keeping her head up in front of everyone, she strode out of the banquet hall.

They just want to see her making a fool of herself. She wasn't that stupid. It wasn't the time to cry!

She changed into her clothes in the dressing room and didn't even bother to take off her makeup, then she stopped a taxi and left.

The wedding was held in the evening, and the street lights were already on the moment she opened the taxi door. The breeze at dusk wrapped around her with a hint of coldness, creeping straight into her heart.

Her heart ached so much that she couldn't control herself. Maybe it was called despair?

She stepped into the booth in the bar and raised her voice, "Waiter, a bottle of liquor, please."

"Miss, what kind of liquor would you like?"

Sonia pointed to a man not far away, "The same as his."

The waiter kindly reminded her, "Miss, that gentleman ordered the strongest one..."

Sonia interrupted him impatiently, "Stop talking nonsense? Give me a dozen. Hurry up."

Hearing the voice, the man next to Sonia looked over, but he was surprised... It was her? The lights in the bar were dim and shed onto her delicate face. He hesitated for a moment.

He had been looking for her for ten years. Today he went to see a woman who his special assistant had found according to his description. But she was not her. John was so upset that he came to the bar to relieve his sadness, but he didn't expect that the woman who he was looking for would suddenly appear in front of him like this.

His heart seemed to skip a beat.

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