Chapter 15 Solving Physiological Needs

Sonia narrowed her eyes. She vaguely saw two people clinging to each other on the sofa. The nurse's implication was clear. It seemed that something romantic was about to happen, so should she go out to avoid it? It must be impossible for her to pretend to be asleep since John had known that she was awake. Unless John liked to be watched when making out with...

But now her legs were in plaster and she was now put on a drip, so it was impossible to move. How could she avoid it... What about coughing twice to remind the nurse that she was awake and then asking the nurse to push her to the next ward? Would it avoid disturbing Mr. Quenelle?

Charlotte said that as long as a man was served well in bed, the woman would be qualified to feel proud, However, she didn't say if the man was not satisfied, the woman would be punished...

The Nurse Joy Baber slowly slid down from John, knelt at his feet, and said anxiously, "It's so hot. Mr. Quenelle, don't you think it's scorching?"

The nurse panted impatiently, slowly unbuttoned the top of her shirt, and revealed her black lace bra, "It's really hot. Mr. Quenelle, let me help you take off your clothes as well."

Without the nurse in the way, Sonia could see clearly John's expression now.

He crossed his legs and looked at Joy kneeling at his feet with a sarcastic smile, "You are like a spider with too many hands, but they reach too far."

The nurse put her left hand on John's chest when her right hand pulled John's trouser chain...

It, it, it... It's really excessive. They started now? They should at least ask her to go out!

"ugh, ugh, ugh!" Sonia pretended to cough a few times, "I'm thirsty..."

Hearing it, John smiled, "You finally stopped pretending?" He poured a glass of water and walked to the bed to put it beside her mouth, "Drink it. It's warm."

Sonia wanted to die.

Her bladder was about to burst!

Drinking water was just an excuse! She just wanted them to realize her existence...

"What's wrong, can't you drink water? What about hot milk? You can't drink tea and coffee now," John said.

I wasn't interested in drinking anything now... I just want you to go to another ward so that I can go to the toilet. I really didn't care what you were going to do!


The nurse reacted quickly. She rushed up, grabbed the thermometer, put it under Sonia's armpit, and said, "Oh, Miss Langwell, you're awake. It's really worrying. Mr. Quenelle has been awake all night for you. He looks exhausted now and I was just giving him an examination. I think it'll need some more time. What about letting you rest in another ward now?"

Sonia was so moved that she nodded hard. The girl was really considerate. Mr. Quenelle, you'd better treat her well and offer her more money. The pair of plump boobs was worthy of money as well!

The girl covered Sonia with the quilt. Because of the gravity, the nurse's chest seemed plumper, and her waist was so thin that she looked like a water snake. Her figure was really... Sonia tutted twice and secretly praised. No wonder everyone wanted to be the CEO or the general manager, which indicated the peak of their lives because many beautiful girls would initiatively get close to them!

But... She sneaked a peek at John's crotch. Why didn't he seem excited at all?

It was unscientific. As a woman, she had to admit that this little spider, bah, the nurse Joy was definitely a vixen. Would John... be impotent?

By the way, Zerger had said before that Mr. Quenelle had never had women around.

God... She seemed to know something shocking...

Thinking of it, Sonia quickly withdrew her gaze and looked at the nurse with gratitude.

Joy was also pleased, thinking that Sonia was smart, for she could understand Joy's intention with a hint. Then, Joy hurriedly put on the modified nurse's uniform and adjusted the wheels of the bed before buttoning it up.

Sonia was excited that she could finally go to the bathroom! The saddest thing was to hold back one's urine!

Sonia, who was happily immersed in the fact that she could go to the bathroom, noticed John's darkened face when she looked at his crotch. Sonia suddenly remembered that John had... And they had been videoed when she had been drunk that day.

What did it mean? It meant that John wasn't impotent. He just liked to be seen by others when having relations!

No wonder his face darkened...

"Mr. Quenelle..." Sonia asked slowly, "Did assistant in daily life... Include... That kind of life?"

John asked deliberately, "What kind of life?"

"Just... Physiological needs." She didn't have to sit by and watch every time he slept with someone to satisfy his special hobby, did she?

"Of course."

As expected! No wonder Zerger was always silent! He must have been forced to watch it every time! But he didn't dare to say anything about it!

John continued, "Otherwise, what do you think the function of the assistant in daily life is?"

How crazy it was!

Sonia wailed in her heart and sighed in a low voice, "Well, but can you let me meet my physiological needs first..."

She couldn't wait to go to the bathroom!

John's face immediately brightened, "Of course, but you haven't recovered now. After you recover, I will help you solve it."

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