Chapter 7 To Be My Life Assistant

Sonia contained her anger and puffed up her cheeks, "But I'm doing two jobs at the same time..."

John raised his eyebrows thoughtfully and nodded, "Yeah, that's right. I'm not the kind of boss who only exploits employees. Well, I'll raise your pay to 5000 dollars."

He only increased the pay by several hundred, but Sonia thought he should at least double it!

Although she was seething under the surface, Sonia tried to soften her voice, "Mr. Quenelle, isn't the pay too low?"

John looked askant at her, "Then how much do you want?"

She hesitated for a while and said, "9000 dollars!"

"6000 dollars is okay."

"I need 8000 dollars at least!"

"6500 dollars per month, if you also work as my life assistant."

Sonia was going to bargain again, but John stopped her, "I recorded what happened that night."

On hearing this, she was shocked.

Had he recorded it?

How could Mr. Quenelle, whose name was known far and wide, have such a hobby?

No! He slept with her when she was drunk and unconscious. Could he foresee it and set up a camera in advance?

Or he had asked others to record it. Sonia immediately denied this idea. The Quenelle family had such tight security arrangements that even a cleaner couldn't step into the room without John's permission. He was such a private person. How could he let others shoot a video of such a private thing...

Then how could he record it?

Sonia's eyes rolled as long as she was absorbed in thinking. John was amused by her expressions and deliberately teased her, "I usually consider you as gentle and quiet. I didn't expect you to be so bold when..." He lengthened his voice as if he was savoring what happened that night, which made Sonia's flesh creep.

She swore to God that she was so drunk that she couldn't remember anything that day. The last scene was that a man handed her a glass of amber liquid and asked her if she wanted to drink it. She thought he was a third- or fourth-tier star and promised to help promote his career. The next day, she woke up and found that he was a boss.

Wait for a minute!

Sonia felt she had caught some important clue.

Wine! Maybe it was because that glass of wine he handed over.

She blinked with uncertainty and said, "Did you... Did you add something in the wine you gave me that day?"

John admitted frankly, "Yes, you could say that. I think it tastes good. What do you think?"

I thought it was very awful!

"I think it..."

Before she could finish speaking, John interjected, "The video is really exciting. Your face could be clearly seen. Of course, my face has been processed to be irrecognizable. What about sending it online?"

Sonia immediately lost her courage, "I think it's very..."

John looked at her closely and stared at her until her blood froze, "Very what?"

Very shameless of him!

"Very delectable to look at your handsome face."

John seemed to be delighted by these words and stretched out to hold her into his arms, "You behave well."

"Can I get a raise?"

"Well, it depends on your performance."

Sonia's interest was immediately aroused, "How can my performance be considered as good?"

John wanted to say that it would be best if she performed well when making love. But he was afraid of scaring her, so he smiled and shook his head, surprised at himself as he was willing to develop their relationship step by step because of his affection for her.

"At this stage, the first thing you should do is to clean the house and prepare the food. I haven't figured out any other duties. You can learn these from Zerger first."

Sonia nodded obediently. It was better to learn from someone than to guess how to do it blindly.

When they got home, Zerger had prepared a nutritious dinner for John according to his habits, and the bath water was set to be at the constant temperature of 52 degrees Celsius. Everything was ready according to his preferences, but why did Zerger feel that Mr. Quenelle was reluctant to see him?

The dining table was very big. John sat at the top end and ate alone. The steak on the plate was badly cut by him. The porcelain plate of high quality made a harsh sound, and John's eyes stared coldly at Zerger, who was stiffened by such looks.

Sonia didn't have time to eat. She brought a pen and paper and sat beside Zerger with a flattering smile. If she had a tail, she would probably wag it actively.

"Zerger, when do you usually start preparing dinner? Do you follow the recipe or ask Mr. Quenelle for his opinions every day? Is there anything I should pay attention to, such as the cutlery and..."

Zerger's back was shivering, and a layer of cold sweat soaked his forehead. He silently moved a little backwards and glanced at Mr. Quenelle, then met his icy gaze in the air and immediately shivered.

Sonia found Zerger retreat a little and sensed his resistance, so she immediately began to reflect on herself.

Anyone would be annoyed if asked a bunch of questions so abruptly and recklessly!

She quickly took out the chocolates she bought on the road from her bag. The brand was very famous, and the price was even more eye-catching than the brand.

"Zerger, I heard you like sweet food. How about trying it?"

The moment the chocolate was placed in front of him, Zerger clearly felt that the air in the direction of the main seat at the top end suddenly turned cold.

"Zerger, go to the kitchen and see if the dessert is ready." John finally spoke. Zerger felt relieved and rushed to the kitchen. If he stayed for any seconds longer, he would probably ger frozen.

John looked at Sonia, who was looking at Zerger's back, and felt annoyed. She was obviously asking about his habits, so why not ask him directly. Wasn't it faster?

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