Chapter 5 Do I Need a Reason to Fire Someone?

Ryan was a man and also the vice president of XG Entertainment. How could he kneel to an assistant in public? If he really did that, he might as well retire from the entertainment industry.

He then stared at Sonia fiercely, gritted his teeth, and said, "Never think about that!"

She then turned around in John's arms and looked at Charlotte provocatively, "Charlotte, can you represent your husband or not? He doesn't seem to want to cooperate with you."

Seeing this scene, the reporters grew excited. A-lister actress Charlotte and vice president of XG Entertainment had made a very good couple. Yet the former was slapped by an assistant at the wedding yesterday, and today, the latter was humiliated in public. This was the absolute big news in the country!

Just then, s courageous journalist put the microphone in front of Ryan. "Mr. Jasmin, what do you think of Charlotte's role suddenly being canceled?"

Ryan frowned and tried his best to suppress his anger. "I'll discuss this with the board again about the matter. After all, Charlotte has been in this industry for a long time, with lots of experience. And she's the most suitable person for this role."

When Charlotte heard this, she immediately took his arm, as if they were deeply in love. And she said bitterly, "In fact, I've been preparing for the female lead in the movie ever since the filming The Old Days is in the preproduction status. I've read the original novel and really liked this character. And last month, I flew to the capital to meet its original writer and discussed the role creation with him. He gave me a lot of useful advice..."

Right now, Sonia sneered in her heart. Charlotte was indeed capable as a popular actress. By saying that, she showed her merits and efforts without offending John. Then Sonia glanced at the reporters with cameras. Sure enough, some soft-hearted reporters had gradually stopped questioning Charlotte. Charlotte looked pitiful now. And her tears and femininity were her weapons!

Ryan also helped ease the situation, "Right, with Charlotte's reputation and influence, she is capable enough to take the female lead. As for the board of directors..."

"What is it with the board of directors?" John's voice was not loud but was enough to attract the journalists' attention again. Some people were born with such charm that could easily attract others' attention.

When Charlotte heard him speak, her face turned livid with fear.

He was the president of the company. Although she worked for XG Entertainment, she could seldom get to meet the president. And he was always cold and indifferent, and he had decisively banned a male Oscar-winner who had caused a scandal. When she heard his conversation with Sonia just now, she was in shock. Was he really the cold and distant man she knew?

John ignored her and looked straight at Ryan and said coolly, "Mr. Jasmin, if I remember correctly, I had 40% shares of the company, so I think... I can represent the board of directors." He chuckled and continued, "So what do you want to tell the board? I'll give you a chance to see if you can convince me."

Gave him a chance?

At present, Sonia was held in John's arms and couldn't raise her head. When she heard this, she anxiously pinched him hard.

"Hiss... it hurts. I have to trim your nails when I get home." John stroked her back gently, held one of her hands tight. "Don't worry, trust me."

Ryan's face darkened. Although he was now the vice president, he had only been promoted to this position half a year ago. Actually, he didn't have much power. Therefore, it was definitely not wise to offend John at this time. But he had already laid his words out. In front of many reporters and cameras, he would seem timid if not saying anything.

He then braced himself to say, "The company needs to focus on revenue. Charlotte is good at acting and has a good reputation. Her image fits the character very well. Please reconsider."

"Oh, I've made up my mind." John said, "I thought you could say something more reasonable. Your words were all nonsense. What a waste of time! Mr. Jasmin, I think you are not worthy of the title of vice president, and you have poor taste in choosing actors. What about I assign you to be a spot worker on the set and familiarize yourself with the work first?"

The vice president was assigned to be a spot worker on the set? It meant that he was fired...

Hearing that, Sonia felt a trace of pity. After all, Ryan was the man she had loved for more than ten years. In these years, it was really not easy for him to promote from an assistant to a vice president step by step.

And John acutely detected her emotion, and his voice immediately became colder, "Zerger, go to the personnel department immediately to help Mr. Jasmin with the resignation procedures, and send a statement to other companies in the industry. No one in this industry can hire Ryan Jasmin."

Mr. Zerger followed John, sweating, "President, what's the reason for firing him?"

John then raised his eyebrows, "Do I need a reason to fire someone?"

Zerger almost immediately stood at attention and bowed, "No, you don't. I'll do it now."

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