Chapter 9 Hijacked 2

As soon as she saw Charlotte, Sonia felt a little confused. Ever since she met Charlotte in junior high school, Charlotte had always been gentle. Conversely, Sonia was like a tomboy. Sonia would always protect Charlotte from other boys' harassment with her fists.

Later, Charlotte was outstanding in a talent show and became the most popular star, and her fans were more and crazier. Every time, it was her manager, Lamons, and her assistant, Sonia, who stood in front of fans to guard her. Especially, Sonia, except for carrying luggage, usually drove a long distance at night and wisely coped with paparazzi and media groups in high spirits.

Charlotte was like a beautiful flower, and Sonia was like a thorn fence outside the garden to guard her.

Now, the delicate flower had kidnapped Sonia to the desolate place. Charlotte sat proudly in a chair with her legs crossed. Wearing black silk stockings, Her charming legs bent out like a queen, with her bright red high heels rhythmically tapping on the ground. Sonia sneered when seeing Ryan and a row of men in black standing not far away.

Sonia said, "What do you want to say?"

Playing her manicured nails, Charlotte Leaned back in the chair and said, "What do I want to say? Sonia, don't think I don't know what you're thinking. Five years ago, we went to the talent show together, and I became famous, but you are still anonymous. I know you had been hating me all these years. Don't talk about the sisterhood. I let you stay by my side as an assistant so I can meet with Ryan easily. Do you think I really regard you as my sister? Ah, you idiot!"

The weather was gloomy and it was freezing cold. Sonia did not know how long she had fainted, but she trembled all over with cold. She had lost consciousness of her bound wrists and ankles. The floor was hard and cold. She changed her posture slightly and sat up with difficulty, and then leaned against a pile of plastic buckets behind her.

Five years ago, she and Charlotte were still freshmen in art school, and a domestic satellite TV station held a large-scale talent show. They promised to participate together. At that time, the two little girls, who were only in their teens, went on stage naively without makeup. The business of Sonia's father was booming so Sonia's family was rich. Sonia had shown a high artistic talent since she was young and learned several musical instruments. In addition, she was good at vocal music and dancing. After entering art school, she enjoyed the best grades in both cultural and professional subjects. Charlotte did enter the school with really poor grades. Although Charlotte was pretty, she was more like an assistant at that time.

However, Sonia was eliminated in the first audition, and Charlotte unexpectedly won the championship.

It was a lie that Sonia couldn't feel unfair, but the successive misfortune at home caught her off guard. Her mother died and her father was seriously ill. Moreover, her family's business failed, and they were heavily in debt. Her unfair feeling was squeezed into an inconspicuous corner.

Later, as Charlotte's assistant, Sonia entered the entertainment industry and gradually learned the secret of that year.

Sonia raised her head, and the slight movement made her pant, "Charlotte, do you think I don't know how you won the talent show championship back then?"

Charlotte subconsciously glanced in Ryan's direction and quickly withdrew her glance when she noticed her act was wrong. Her tone was already a little flustered, "Of course, it was based on my performance. The Superstar Talent Show is one of the best talents shows in the country. The judges are the fairest."

Sonia smiled and nodded. The back of her head was strained so she hissed. Sonia calmed down and said, "Well, since it's rare for a superstar like you to have time today, let's talk about the past. Can you explain what happened to Mr. Lorin?"

Charlotte was staring at Sonia with fierce in her eyes Just now, but now she lowered her head guiltily, "I don't know which Mr. Lorin you're talking about."

Sonia looked at Ryan in the distance and said, "The producer of the Superstar Talent Show, Lorin Sandland. But you, a movie queen, will probably forget him because you meet so many important people every day, but Ryan won't forget him."

Just as Sonia looked over there, She noticed that the man in black behind Ryan was smoking and playing with a lighter in his hand, and the plastic bucket behind Sonia was emitting a strong smell of gasoline.

Sonia had already guessed the situation was severe today, but she did not expect Charlotte to be so vicious. So Sonia simply did not care anything. Charlotte could do whatever she liked, but Sonia was determined not to be timid at the last moment!

Sonia shouted with all her strength, "Ryan, come here. Charlotte said she wanted to talk with you."

Charlotte panicked, "I didn't say it!"

"Didn't you?" Sonia stared into Charlotte's eyes. "Didn't you knock on Mr. Lorin's hotel door? Didn't you seduce your friend's boyfriend? Or didn't you seduce Bruce?" She snorted, "By the way, Bruce is the temporary driver hired by the crew. Charlotte, you even seduced the driver. Don't you think you are degrading?"

Ryan had already walked in with a frown. Sonia looked at Ryan's deep frown with satisfaction. Controlling time and volume, Sonia had expected that Ryan, who had just walked over, heard her words.

She had been with Ryan for a long time, and she knew Ryan's every expression. When she saw the wrinkles with deep lines on Ryan's brow, Sonia knew that he was on the verge of rage.

Ryan was furious because he had a virginity complex.

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