Chapter 14 Weird Nurse

Sonia found John a little strange.

No, she shall say very strange.

As the president of XG Entertainment, didn't he have to go to work?

She still couldn't turn her neck too hard, so she turned slightly to look at John, who was sitting on the sofa. Today, he was not wearing a suit but a sweater with dark gray plaid and beige casual pants, which were leisurewear. He sat comfortably on the sofa with the computer on his crossed legs. He was tapping on the keyboard, making "click" sounds. He wore a pair of classic bronze glasses, and his hair hung on his forehead, making him look gentle.

He looked like a hard-working elite.

But he wasn't like that just now!

Larry had just come to look for John and they whispered something to each other. Then she felt that John looked at her strangely. His eyes were like X-rays that could see her through...

Larry's eyes were dark and they were like a camera...

Larry came to ask John something and left. When he left, he raised his eyebrows at her with a playful smile.

Sonia wondered if she turned foolish. Why couldn't she understand the two of them?

What was even more embarrassing was that she really wanted to go to the bathroom after being on the drip for so long...

Perhaps her wishes were too strong that John looked up from behind the screen and saw that she was trying to tilt her head on the bed. In order to maintain her balance, she twisted her waist, and her body formed into a "C".

He reached out to push his glasses, closed his computer with a bang, and walked to the bed. He helped her lie straight, "Are you practicing yoga?"

The heater was on in the ward, and it was so hot that Sonia felt a little uncomfortable, but her hands were cold. When John touched the skin on her calf, Sonia rubbed his fingers but quickly moved away.

Feeling her dodge, John touched her calf again, "Why is it still hot?" He pressed the light to call the nurse, "Vip room 001, please come in 2 minutes." Then he hung up.

Sonia was dumbfounded, "President..."

"Hmm?" John frowned at her. What kind of lousy hospital is this? Weren't the experts hired from the United States? Why she was still having a fever after a day and a night?

Sonia swallowed, "Actually... Maybe the heater is too hot..."

Hearing this, John reached out and touched her forehead. He frowned and said, "Can the heater be hot enough to cause you a fever?"

She shut her mouth wisely. John didn't look very good. His face was a little pale, and he looked tired. More importantly, he was in a cold atmosphere and it seemed that anyone getting close to him would be shot to death by his cold attitude.

When the nurse arrived in a hurry, John's hand on the side of her body creaked, while Sonia's eyes widened. She felt that she knew more.

No wonder so many men like the cosplay of uniforms. A nurse's uniform should have effects like that?

The uniform was sleeveless and it revealed her bosoms and waist. It looked tailor-made and lifted the nurse's chest high, showing off her cleavage. The two must have a size of F?

As she looked down, Sonia felt she learned more... Was this a dress? It must be underwear... It's not much bigger than thong ...

Is this a hospital?

Not a theme bar or something?

"Get out!" John said, suppressing his anger.

The nurse's eyes were big and she frowned pitifully. She said cautiously, "Mr. John, didn't you just call the nurse station..."

"You don't understand my words? Get out of here. I'm calling a nurse, not a hooker."

The nurse's eyes sparkled. She stole a glance at Sonia on the bed and feeling her gaze, Sonia immediately closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. Anyway, her whole body was fixed and she couldn't move. Pretending to be asleep was convenient for her.

The nurse thought that Sonia was still in a coma, so she gritted her teeth and looked at Sonia boldly, "She should be in a coma and is having a low fever. She would be okay with some medicine. Don't worry, Mr. John."

John didn't say anything. He walked to the sofa, sat down, crossed his legs, and asked with a frown, "What's your name?"

When the nurse heard this, she immediately smiled and ran to the sofa in her high heels, which were 20 centimeters high with a waterproof table. Her eyes were burning and shy, "My name is Joy Baber..."

"Good name," John paused, "Why don't you change your name to that of the genie? Your names are pretty smilar." John decided to talk to the dean later. He should hire such a kind of nurse!

Joy blushed and sat next to John. Her beautiful fair legs were exposed, and she reached out to pull her coat lower. The two bosoms were revealed even more, "Mr. John, you can call me whatever you want..." Mr. John, you look pale. Your voice is a little hoarse. Let me look closely at you."

As soon as she finished speaking, Joy sat on John's lap, put her arms around John's neck, and rubbed her hips forward. Her tone was sweet and sticky, "Your eyes and lips look a little unhealthy. That's because you've been depressed for too long. Mr. John, why not let me give you a massage to help you feel better?"

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