Chapter 10 Hijacked 3

Charlotte was sitting with her back to Ryan. Because of the long distance between them, she didn't even notice Ryan walking in. Charlotte gritted her teeth and sneered, "So what? I did go to knock on Lorin's door, but due to that, I became famous. But you, you're just an abandoned woman betrayed by a man! When I first entered the company, I intentionally or unintentionally designed a few encounters with Ryan, and sure enough, he fell in love with me wholeheartedly. I know you were together for five years. I know you are a virgin. What of it? Didn't he abandon you and be with me? Sonia, for the sake of knowing you for so long, I'll teach you a trick to use in your next life. No man does not like having sex. As long as you make them feel satisfied in bed, they are willing to do anything for you."

Seeing that, Ryan had been in a daze, Sonia continued, "Well, Lorin can make you famous overnight. Ryan can help you sign the contract with the XG Entertainment successfully. What about Bruce? He's only an ordinary driver. What can he give you?"

Charlotte smiled mysteriously, her eyes narrowed into a thin line, and her voice was flirtatious, "He can give me orgasm. Don't tell me you don't know that Ryan can only last 2 minutes at a time." Charlotte pretended to be surprised and said, "Ah, you didn't know, did you? You've been with Ryan for five years, and he never touched you? We had sex on our first day. It seems that you can't attract men at all. You didn't even arouse his most primitive desire. It's so sad."

Sonia smiled too and nodded slowly, "You're right. I really didn't know that Ryan could only last two minutes."

Ryan's face darkened indescribably.

"Which Bruce?" Ryan could not help but speak out.

When Charlotte heard the voice coming from the back, she was so scared that she almost fell off the chair. After she hurriedly steadied herself, she saw Ryan standing there indifferently. Immediately, Charlotte slapped Sonia, "Bitch! Did you do it on purpose?"

As Sonia forced herself to sit there, she fell off the chair after being slapped heavily by Charlotte, and her head hit the concrete floor. Instantly, Sonia burst into tears in pain and felt a warm liquid splashing on her temple. Blood spread all over her right face and dripped to the ground. Her face twitched, and she was probably was scratched by Charlotte's nails.

Sonia couldn't get up anymore, so she lay on the ground and said slowly, "I did it on purpose. So what? Didn't you already prepare the gasoline? Why, do you want to kill and destroy the body?"

Charlotte was about to speak, but Ryan suddenly interrupted her furiously, "Gasoline? Charlotte, are you legally illiterate? Killing someone means paying for your life!"

Charlotte argued, "You are too naive! Sonia knows too many things about me. If I let her go, she would tell everything to the media. Then I'm done!"

"But you shouldn't try to kill her! Besides, she's your best friend!" Ryan roared. The man's voice was much louder than the woman's. Charlotte also realized this and did not continue to be hysterical. She snorted, "Best friend? Only a fool would believe that." Ryan, listen to me. We can't be soft-hearted. She knows Mr. Quenelle. Indeed, our movie is over. But if we let her off, we'll both be screwed!"

Charlotte's voice faded out, and Sonia couldn't hear her clearly. Sonia panted and tried to concentrate, but it was futile. A pool of cold and sticky blood had already gathered under her body and stained her shirt. When the cold wind blew, Sonia felt a bit numb.

Suddenly, Sonia felt a pain in her scalp. Her hair was grabbed, her whole body was pulled up, and then she was suddenly thrown to the ground again and again. Her head hit the ground, and she felt pain. Soon, she felt dizzy and couldn't see well, and her consciousness began to blur.

"Ryan, Ryan. Come and save me." She thought.

However, Ryan's voice arose from afar, "Charlotte, have a seat and rest for a while. I've called for help."

Charlotte was so tired that she gasped and said, "I have been putting up with her for a long time. I was afraid of the media, so I didn't have the chance to vent my anger. Today I will make her pay. Don't stop me." Charlotte pushed Ryan away and kicked Sonia's chest. The stilettos' thin heels hit her ribs, again and again, causing a piercing pain. Sonia instinctively curled up and tried to dodge, but the sharp heels poked straight into her chest. It was useless to dodge, which even angered the person who was abusing.

"You've been looking down on me since you were a child. But now, I'm a star and you're just my assistant! Now, you're messing with my movies again. Go to hell, bitch!" Charlotte cursed as she stepped on Sonia. Ryan tried to pull her away several times but failed. Charlotte turned and even smoked one cigarette after another, "Be careful. Don't sprain your ankle."

Sonia's consciousness was hazy as if she was still at the time when she first met Ryan. At that time, he was gentle, considerate and unwilling to let her suffer a little.

Sonia mumbled, "Ryan, Ryan. Help me."

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