Chapter 13 Revenge for You

Both the roof and the curtains were white, and the faint smell of disinfectant prevailed in the air.

It was already the next noon when Sonia woke up. She was the only one in the ward, and there were no other beds.

Single room?

She looked back and forth again. The room is well lighted. The sun was shining warmly on the bed. The room was not big, but the decoration was rather exquisite and classy. On the windowsill, there were several pots of succulent plants. On the opposite wall, there was a high-definition 4K TV and a computer on the right.

Luxurious single room?

How much did the hospitalization cost?

She remembered that last time when she was conscious, Charlotte beat her up heavily. Ryan had been trying to stop her for a long time but failed, and then she passed out. It seemed that there were many people laughing around her disgustingly, and then a snake climbed up her back...

Sonia shuddered unconsciously. Anyway, she didn't want to experience that feeling again.

Could it be that Ryan had felt bad due to his conscience, and felt guilty about his ex-girlfriend? Was it why he sent her to the hospital?

She didn't know if he had paid the fees for hospitalization or not.

She was poor...

Anyway, Sonia wouldn't pay him back even if he did pay the fee! After being beaten up by his woman for nothing, it was reasonable for him to pay for Sonia's medical expenses!

The door of the ward was open, and a young nurse happened to pass by. She called out, "Hey, nurse."

"Miss Langwell, What's wrong?" The nurse was wearing a pink uniform and had two dimples on her face. She smiled in a natural manner.

Sonia paused, organized her words, then said, "Well, do you know who sent me here? Is it the police? Or a kind passer-by? Or my... friend?"

The nurse looked at her doubtfully, "Didn't your fiance send you here?"



"Oh, I see... Thank you. It's all right."

The nurse nodded. Before she left, the nurse closed the door for Sonia.

The attitude of the nurses in the luxurious single room was much better! The nurse in dad's ward was as fierce as the dean in her high school...

"Ouch!" She accidentally moved her leg. She was too pained that she almost cried. Charlotte really hit her hard. Now she was in a cast on her leg. She was probably crippled... Damn it, there was also a cast on her forearm! She was almost a cripple...

When John pushed the door open and came in, he saw Sonia lying straight on the bed, looking sad. Her eyes were half-narrowed due to the midday sun.

"You're awake? You can almost clamp a mosquito dead with your furrowed eyebrows. What are you worried about?"

Sonia found that there was also a fixer around her neck, and she couldn't even turn around.

"President..." Her voice was mixed with a cry, "Can I take a long leave? I might not be able to work."

John sneered. He thought she was thinking about something with such a bitter expression. It turned out she was considering this.


"But I can't move now. How can I be your assistant in life..."

"Can't I just move?"

John said it very naturally. But why did Sonia think that it sounded like it was about sex...

John also sensed this, and he added, "Well, I mean if you can't move while lying down, I'll come over to your bed."

Did he make it clear enough? If the mountain did not adapt itself to suit me, I would adopt myself to suit the mountain. He had pushed everything off and specifically came to stay with her.

Sonia seemed to have really suffered a head injury. After thinking about it for a long time, she then said slowly, "Will the salary be paid as usual?"

"Yes, with allowance for a sick leave."

Her eyes instantly got lit up, "So good? How much is the subsidy?"

John walked in, adjusted the speed of the medicine drip, and said, "Subsidy means to avenge your injuries."

Speaking of revenge, right! She did not know where Charlotte and Ryan were now! Since it was John who sent her here, she guessed that he must have dealt with Charlotte and Ryan.

Sure enough, John said, "I have caught them in the first place. I'm going to ask you when you wake up how you want to get revenge."

"Me? Shouldn't the police handle this..."

Larry Wade received a call from John and rushed over. When he pushed the door open and went in, he saw John sitting in a small space by the bed, as he was afraid of squeezing the little girl lying on the bed. He was holding the drip tube in one hand as he wanted to warm the liquid. The tenderness in his eyes was so touching.

Was this the same John he had known before?

"Hey, the police are here!" Larry shouted before walking in, lest he disturbed the two who were talking gently.

John nodded as a way of greeting and said to Sonia, "Just in time, the police are here. Tell him how you want to get revenge."

Larry looked at the young girl on the bed politely. When he visited here, he heard from Doctor Fain that this young girl really suffered a lot. She was a beautiful and innocent young girl, and it was a wonder how could Charlotte bear to hit her so hard, and Charlotte even brought so many men for help... She.

Fuck, he himself even wanted to cripple that cruel bitch!

"Young girl, it's okay. Tell me everything, we police are here to support you. Doctor Fain is also our friend. It is your call as to how many years Charlotte should stay in jail. Just ask Doctor Fain to provide a certificate proving your injuries. Leave the rest to us."

Before Sonia could speak, John interjected, "If I "accidentally" crippled her..."

"Please let Doctor Fain take a look. I think she fell by herself accidentally."

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