Chapter 4 What About Kneeling Down and Apologizing?

Sonia was wearing the clothes that Yolanda had brought over. Looking at the price tags, Sonia felt quite envious. The price of the thin dress, which weighed no more than two grams, was higher than the amount of her three years' salary...

As she went downstairs, she cursed in her mind. It was the fault of Ryan and Charlotte, who had resulted in the fact that she had slept with the president. This time, money and the promise of career development were definitely not useful ... Would the president sue her for raping?

Seeing that it took a long time for her to go downstairs, John asked the cook to pack breakfast. He then held the package in his hand. When she got closer, he grabbed her hand, "Let's go. The movie Reminiscing about Old Days will be shot soon. Come with me."

"John..." Sonia said weakly, "You are a generous man, so please forgive me..."

"No way." John dragged her out the door, stuffed her into the back seat, and sat down with her, "You don't want to take the responsibility after sleeping with me, do you?"

Sonia was in fury. At least he was a president, but why was he so mean? For a matter of sexual intercourse, it was obviously females that lost more than males. She then looked at the red marks left on her body and thought to herself that she lost her virginity to him. It was a huge loss.

Mr. Zerger looked at the time and stepped on the accelerator to start the car.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, an annual event regarding a romantic movie on youth called Reminiscing about Old Days was organized in the Jiangcheng Film and Television Base. In this movie, the leading actress was Charlotte Zody, the leading actor was Terence Garner, a first-class young actor, and supporting roles were all played by stars who were popular with the public. After several times of inviting and persuading, a director was invited from Hong Kong to shoot the movie. Regardless of the plots in the movie, it would for sure be the best-sold product in the market in the next half-year, judging by its list of stars and production team.

Charlotte took Ryan's arm and happily waved at the reporters below with a smile. The questions the reporters asked were all about yesterday's wedding, but they almost asked nothing about the movie.

Ryan was also one of the investors of the film. Hearing the reporters' questions, he was a little angry, "Please ask some questions about the movie."

The reporters swarmed to turn the camera to a car driving here.

John got out of the car elegantly in a smoky gray suit and a dark wine-red tie. Standing among the reporters, he looked even taller and more handsome.

He didn't close the door after getting out of the car. Instead, he bent down and reached out his hand inside the car.

Sonia was still angry. But since she was no match for him either way, she simply followed the sign and no longer expected anything. She put her hand on his heavily and got out of the car. She was brought into his arms by a force.

The reporters became even more agitated when they saw the interaction between Sonia and John.

Wasn't this the little assistant who got slapped by Charlotte at Charlotte's wedding yesterday? How did she get out of John's car? The two even seemed to be very close...

John chose a pure white strapless dress for Sonia. The marks on her nack and shoulders were all exposed. He wrapped his arms around her waist, making the marks on her shoulders more obvious, "Friends from media, today is the opening ceremony for the movie. You'd better interview the main creators."

Ryan and Charlotte on the other side were also stunned, then they resumed calmness quickly. Charlotte cried "Ouch" and pretended to fall to the ground accidentally. The hem of her skirt was already short, and her movement now completely exposed her loins.

Originally, she thought that the reporters would rush over to take photos, but she didn't expect that no one actually came to interview her. Charlotte gritted her teeth and stood up, crossed her arms, and glared at Sonia fiercely.

The reporters were all good at digging up intriguing news. So they pointed at Sonia and asked directly, "John, this is..."

"My girlfriend."

Wearing high heels, Sonia stepped hard on his foot.

"Argh... Okay, okay, not yet." He pointed down and said, "As you can see, I don't dare to talk nonsense. Otherwise, I don't know when I can get her."

Sonia quickly withdrew her foot. Through the tiny space among the reporters, her eyes met Charlotte's in the air. A fake friend and hypocritical bitch, I will change my family name if I don't take revenge today!

She crossed the crowd and walked up to Charlotte, who said in a voice that only they two could hear, "You defeated, do you still want to be humiliated today? Think about what happened to you after disturbing my wedding yesterday!"

"He," Sonia sneered, blaming herself for blindly taking such a hypocritical slut as her good friend. If you were heartless, didn't blame me for being ungrateful. "What happened to me? Charlotte, shall we make a bet?"

Charlotte said impatiently, "What are you betting on? Don't delay my ceremony!"

Sonia looked at Ryan nearby and said, "Just bet that I can make you lose your role in this movie! If you win, I'll kneel down and apologize to you. If I win," she stared at Ryan and said, "I want him to kneel in front of me and apologize."

Charlotte said indifferently, "Okay, I'll wait for you to kneel and kowtow."

Just now the reporters surrounded John and other people, and Charlotte did not see clearly the scene when Sonia got out of the car. So Charlotte agreed.

Sonia turned around and decided to take a gamble. She said loudly to John in the distance, "John, if you promise me one thing, I will promise to be your girlfriend."

When John heard this, he came over and wrapped his arms around her waist again, "Just say it, as long as you want it, and as long as I can do it."

Sonia pointed at Charlotte and said, "I want you to take back her role as the leading actress."

John smiled and said, "I have thought it would be more difficult. It's very simple. Mr. Zerger, do you hear it? Go and handle it immediately. Ask Roxanne Sandgren to take the role of the leading actress."

Charlotte was immediately anxious, "John, didn't you promise me this role six months ago?"

John smiled indifferently, "I can't help it. My girlfriend just required it, what can I do?"

If you did a thing, you had to do it properly. So Sonia put her hands on John's shoulders and looked down at Ryan and Charlotte, who were livid with anger, "What about kneeling down and apologizing?"

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