Chapter 16 She Couldn't Pay off Her Debts for the Rest of Her Life

"No, no, no, no, president, please. I'm thinking now! I can't stand it anymore. Can you let me..."

Bai jing was stunned. This little girl was not simple. How could she... She was so dedicated!

John Quenelle took out his phone and called Zerger, who was waiting for orders next door. His voice became hoarse, "Come here and throw the garbage out."

Zhou came very quickly. He picked up bai jing and went out. Bai jing was a woman with little strength. She didn't dare to shout in her underwear. Zhou dragged her out and finally hooked her foot on the door of the ward.

The room suddenly became quiet.

It was eerily quiet.

Sonia Langwell was a little embarrassed. The nurse left. Who helped her to the bathroom?


John Quenelle touched her head and said softly, "Yes, be good."

"I think..."

"Actually, I also..."

"Go to the bathroom."


Sonia Langwell: "Can you call a female nurse for me again and help me to the bathroom..."

"Sonia Langwell!" John Quenelle called her full name seriously, "I didn't ask you to come to the hospital to yell at the nurses when I asked you to be my life assistant."

"I know... But I really..."

Suddenly, her body lightened and John Quenelle picked her up. She reflexively wanted to hug John Quenelle's neck, but as soon as she raised her hand, tears of pain almost came out, "Hiss..."

The needle rolled!

It hurts so much...

"Remove the needle first."


John Quenelle carefully carried her to the bathroom and gently held her, "Can you stand by yourself?"

As soon as his feet touched the ground, Sonia Langwell was about to kneel down... However, she couldn't kneel down in a cast, "I don't think... I can."

She held John Quenelle's arm, her legs hurting so much that tears streamed down John Quenelle's arm, "Am I crippled... Damn Charlotte Zody! Next time I see her mother, I must chop off her feet!"

Her body was light again, but this time John Quenelle changed the way he held her.

What a shameful gesture, like peeing for a child.

"Aren't you going to the bathroom?"

"President, I can't get you out here."

"Can you stop?"


"Then it's over. Cut the crap. How light do you think you are? You're so heavy in your arms."

Sonia Langwell thought about his ninety pounds. Although it was not too heavy, it was not light. Work hard! But this is not something that can be... Successful.



"Can you close your eyes?"

"I've seen everything about you."


"Okay, I'll close it."


John Quenelle opened his eyes and said impatiently, "What's wrong?"

"I didn't take off my pants..."


John Quenelle felt that his temper had been polished off in front of Sonia Langwell, and he was still the waxed one. Why did she meet such a small enemy? She was covered in scars, and she couldn't hit or scold anyone. He couldn't bear to say a few words.

I'm really impressed.

"You can't close your eyes if you take off your pants."

Sonia Langwell gritted his teeth, "Yes!"

John Quenelle gently put her down and stepped on her feet, letting her weight rest on her. The pants of the hospital gown were wide and fell down with a slight pull, revealing a pair of slender and long legs. At the end, they were ended by pink and white underwear, leaving endless reverie.

He swallowed and tentatively put his hand back on the edge, but he felt the person under his hand trembling slightly.

He withdrew his hand and held her against the glass door.

After all, he was still young. His heart ached slightly. There would be a long time.

He said, "I'll call a nurse."

Fortunately, the nurse who came back was a normal nurse. She was dressed in pure white nurse's uniform neatly and generously, and she was very strong. She was very steady. Sonia Langwell finally solved his "Physiological needs." He was really comfortable.

"Are you ready?" John Quenelle stood outside the door and asked.

The nurse helped lin shinuo tidy up before saying, "Okay."

John Quenelle pushed the door open and went in. He gently carried Sonia Langwell back to bed and lay down. He said to the nurse, "Give her another injection. Is it so easy to recruit nurses in your hospital now? How long has the newcomer, bai jing, been here?"

The nurse fixed the needle for lin sinuo and said doubtfully, "Bai jing? There's no such person in our hospital. Is he wearing our hospital's nurse's uniform? Does he have a chest card?"

Sonia Langwell felt better and said more, "There's a chest, no card."

John Quenelle glared at her and said, "I see. Go out."

"President, that wasn't..."

"I know." John Quenelle took out his computer and played a few numbers on it, "Larry Wade, check on another person, a woman named bai jing, who came to the hospital today."

He hooked a chair with his foot and sat next to her, "I'm going out this afternoon. There will be a special nurse to take care of you."

Sonia Langwell replied, "Oh."

"Don't worry. I've hired some of the best experts from the united states. They've already consulted you. Just take a good rest. There won't be any sequelae."



"The american expert consulted for me?"


"Which hospital am I in now?"

"Shengxin private hospital."

"President..." Sonia Langwell was about to cry again, but this time it wasn't the pain in her leg, it was the pain in her heart, "So how many years did I owe you?"

John Quenelle smiled and reached out to touch her head, "I guess it's almost the end of my life."

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