Chapter 8 Hijacked 1

John frowned and said, "Come here and sit down to eat."

"Well." Sonia sat as far away from John as she could, carelessly having a mouthful of the vegetable salad.

"Mr. Quenelle, when do I come to work tomorrow?"

John's frown deepened, "It's too late today. You'd better not return to your shabby house. Just sleep in the guest room."

Sonia looked at her watch. It was nearly half past seven. How could it be called "late"? In the past, she had usually waited for Charlotte and returned home alone at two or three in the morning when Charlotte had been filming.

"No, no. I've troubled you so much today, and I've promised Barbie to binge watch tonight." Sonia waved her hand repeatedly to reject.

John put down the knife and fork in his hand, sat up straight and asked, "Barbie?"

Sonia nodded. "Barbie is the pop star Terence's assistant. Her full name is Barbie Packman. We share a house."

John's face softened. Fortunately, the answer wasn't annoying.

John picked up the knife and fork again and sliced the beef gracefully, "Give you a day. Pack your bags and show up in Quenelle Residence at 10: 00 tomorrow morning. Otherwise," he said without even looking at her, "You'll be popular."

"Mr. Quenelle, are you trying to bring me out?"

John sneered, "Throwing the video online is enough."

Sonia was roaring in her heart! It was always like this! Was there anything new?

"What does your expression mean? Do you suffer from constipation?"

Sonia cursed herself for being a coward and replied in a low voice, "No, I'm just hungry... I'm sad when I'm hungry."

John, on the other hand, thought of something else and stared at her with fiery eyes, "What a coincidence. When I'm hungry, I'm also a little grumpy."

Especially when... She was in front of him.

Sonia quickly finished the fruit salad and said, "Mr. Quenelle, help yourself. I have to leave now."

"Wait, let Zerger give you a ride."

"No, no need. Taking the subway is convenient. It's the rush hour now, so it's faster to take the subway. See you, Mr. Quenelle!"

John gazed at her back with a smile. Little girl, let's enjoy our time.

Sonia's "See you" last night didn't work. At 10: 30 noon the next day, John was sitting on the sofa in the living room, with his face darkened like a dark water.

Zerger had informed John that he couldn't get in touch with Sonia. Besides, Sonia's roommate said that she didn't go back home last night, with her phone turned off.

Did she escape? Did she run away without packing up? Was he so annoying?

Thinking of it, John's heart sank. What an ungrateful girl! After catching her back, he must let her stay in bed for a whole week, making she afraid of running away.

Then, he ordered Zerger in a deep voice, "Go to the police station to find Larry and check the traffic monitoring. I want to know her location."

Larry, John's childhood friend, was a policeman and politician. In A City, Larry was powerful and respectful, so he could easily get the surverillance.

Zerger said respectfully, "Mr. Quenelle, I've already contacted Mr. Wade. He'll contact you the moment he finds a clue."

John nodded and felt something was wrong with the report Zerger had just made.

Yesterday, Sonia still excitedly asked Zerger for advice, showing no signs of rejection at all. It didn't seem that she was going to escape. Besides, she didn't take anything with her, which contradicted her personality of loving money.

At this moment, the phone on the table vibrated and John picked it up.

"Hey, John, I got it." Larry said, "The girl you mentioned last night is now in an abandoned building on the outskirts, she was knocked out by a stick not long after she left your house. Then, she was transported there. It seemed that someone from your company is involved. In case it will trouble you, I keep it secret before knowing your plan." Hearing the results of the investigation, John's heart sank.

Knocked out... An abandoned building...


Larry's voice was unclear, "It's the popular actress in your company, Charlotte, together with Ryan."

Sure enough!

John was silent and Larry asked, "John, save the girl or not?"

"Save, immediately, but -" John's voice was deep and terrifying, "Leave Charlotte and Ryan for me. I'll handle them myself."

Larry agreed and quickly asked some trustworthy men to secretly enter the abandoned building to save Sonia.

When Sonia awoke, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head, making her dizzy and nauseous. Just as she wanted to rub it, she found that her hands were tied behind her back and she was lying on a pile of cement straps.

"Tack, tack," Charlotte's bright red stiletto slowly appeared.

"Oh, you're awake? You awoke just before a basin of chili water had been made. It was a waste of efforts." Charlotte stood condescendingly and looked down at Sonia lying on the ground, "Good. We can talk about something serious since you're awake."

Sonia looked around and found that she seemed to be in an abandoned construction site. Then, she gave up asking for help loudly, for there was probably no one here.

Charlotte continued, "Sonia, I offer you a job so that you can earn money to treat your father, but how did you treat me in return? Bite the hand that feeds you? You know, those who offend me have to pay the price."

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