Chapter 2 Bar Romance

Sonia gulped but choked and coughed, her eyes getting misty.

She put down the bottle and sobbed, burying her face in her palms to hide her reddened eyes.

The bartender gave her a tissue. "Would you like something lighter?"

"No." Sonia sniffed and refused with a wave of her hand.

No spirits could be harder to swallow than what she'd seen at the wedding.

She brought the glass to her lips and threw her head back. The iced liquor flowed down her throat and left a burning feeling, which was exactly how she was feeling now.

She finished about five glasses at a stretch and felt dizzy, leaning over the counter and gasping.

A pleasant male voice sounded by her ear. "Would you like more?"

She straightened up wobbly. "Yes! Why not?"

The man pushed the glass in front of him to her. "Try this. It's good."

Giving a glance at the clear amber liquid in the glass, Sonia chugged it without hesitation and smacked her lips.

"How is it?"

Sonia's head was spinning. She exerted herself to maintain control and squinted at the man in front of her. Despite the blurred vision, she could tell the man was quite a looker.

Could he be a popular star?

She'd worked on set with Charlotte many times and seen a lot of A-list stars, but she somehow couldn't recognize the man before her.

All she knew was that he was unreasonably handsome.

She nodded. "I like it. The drink from a hottie can't be bad..."

She chuckled foolishly and staggered closer to him. "Which company are you from? I haven't seen you before. Are you new in this industry?" She burped and continued, " Don't be afraid. I'll help you. With a face like that, you will be a hit."

With a smile, John watched her as she leaned closer shakily and held her in his arms. "Do you know how dangerous it is to have a man's arms around you when you're drunk?"

Sonia rested her head on his shoulder. She felt so hot because of the alcohol and the coolness of his skin made her very comfortable. She kept nuzzling against his neck restlessly. "I'm not afraid! No matter what you do to me, I'll do the same to you!"

John chuckled. His chest vibrated slightly as he spoke. "Remember what you said."

Sonia passed out after finding herself a comfortable gesture, her smooth neck exposed right in front of his eyes. John scooped her up and stalked out of the bar.

The girl nestled in his arms and suddenly threw one arm around his neck, which made them even closer. She was wearing a scoop neck white shirt with puffy sleeves and several buttons on the top of it had got loosened, revealing the skin from her neck down to her breasts.

Her skin was glowing under the dim light.

John looked down and immediately tore his eyes from her skin. He swallowed. The girl in his arms then added fuel to the fire by moving her head uneasily and brushing her wet lips across his Adam's apple. She felt intrigued and licked it a bit.


John felt being set ablaze in an instant. He tightened his arms around her and whispered in her ear, "You asked for it, babe. We can take it slow after tonight."

He kissed her hard on her lips and sat her in the rear seat of his car. After he got in, he said to his special assistant as the latter started the engine, "Play the music loud and directly park the car in the garage. Then off you go."

Hearing his boss's controlled voice, the assistant instantly turned the music to the max volume and headed to the Quenelle Residence.

John could resist no more and kissed her fiercely. Her lips were sweet like honey. He played with her soft tongue this way and that, or just held it between his lips.

Her creamy-skinned chest heaved underneath her unbuttoned shirt. John took off his suit jacket and covered it on her while his hand wandered into her clothes.

Drinking in her sweetness, he didn't realize they'd reached his garage until the whirring of the engine stopped. The lump under his trousers was noticeable now. He climbed out of the car first and then turned to carry her out with the jacket around her.

It was much cooler in the garage than in the car. Sonia mumbled in his arms, "It's cold…"

John kissed her on the forehead. "Don't worry. I'll keep you warm the whole night."

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