Chapter 11 Where Did He Move? Where Did He Chop?

Sonia suddenly felt her collar being pulled up, and then she was slapped to the other side. Her left face was burning with pain again, and her head was buzzing like a drum team playing in her head.

She could not hear anything. When she struggled to open her eyes, she saw Charlotte pointing at the tip of her nose and cursing her.

Charlotte was furious. She grabbed Sonia's hair and shouted, "Your Ryan would rather have me, the woman who had a relationship with the producer, than touch you. Why do you call him?"

Sonia couldn't hear anything and could only speak weakly, "Ryan... Help me... It hurts so much... Help me..."

Ryan stood not far away and began to be fidgety when he heard Sonia calling his name.

He toed the cigarette out and pulled Charlotte away, speaking to the man in black behind him, "You can do anything but don't kill her."

Charlotte was also very tired, allowing Ryan to push her into the chair. Looking at Sonia, who was surrounded by big men in black, she raised her voice and said, "Everything but kill her, understood?"

Although the girl on the ground was pale and her body was covered in blood, people could vaguely see that she was beautiful. The fair skin that had just been exposed was as delicate as snow, and the two bulging 'balls' on her chest, the thin waist, and the smooth skin behind her waist, all made her look appealing.

One of the men in black unconsciously swallowed, "As long as she was alive, right?"

Charlotte smiled sarcastically and nodded, "You got a good deal. This girl was the school belle for four terms. No one had successfully hit on her, so she is still a virgin."

The big men in black all showed greed in their expressions. Was the little woman lying on the ground a virgin?

Ryan couldn't bear to look, so he took Charlotte to a relatively closed place in the distance.

"Are you feeling sad about her?" Charlotte asked with her hands folded in the front.

Ryan frowned in annoyance, "No."

"Or do you regret not having sex with her?"

"Don't talk nonsense."

"Hehe," Charlotte said with a smile, "Isn't it good to hear them having sex?"

Ryan did not speak, only to hear a man's lewd laughter coming from the direction where Sonia Langwell was lying.

"Brother, look at this little girl. She's so beautiful! She's even prettier than that female star!"

"Shh, keep your voice down. Don't let that bitch hear you. Although she looked very delicate on TV, the way she hurt this little girl really made me get goosebumps all over my body."

"Yes, women are much scarier than men when they want to be cruel. But it's still good for us. Let's just enjoy having sex with this beauty..."

"Idiot, didn't you hear that bitch say that this little girl was still a virgin? Let our leader enjoy first..."

"Yes, yes, yes. I was so dumb. Leader, please!"

Sonia had a serious headache that she felt her head was about to explode. She felt as if a snake was swimming around her back. It was cold and sticky. She tried to move, but she had no strength. She breathed weakly, "Ryan... Ryan..."

Ryan was not coming to save her, really not coming...

Tears rolled down the corner of her eyes. She was really tired. She wanted to give up. She could only hope that she would never meet someone like Charlotte again in her next life.

The force on her back suddenly disappeared. Someone gently untied the ropes on her hands and feet and held her up, as if holding a fragile handicraft. Someone was whispering in her ear. She couldn't hear clearly, but she suddenly felt relaxed.

It was as if she had walked into a warm and dry room on a stormy day. The person hugging her had a wide and warm chest. She instinctively rubbed against it, and tears kept going down from the corner of her eyes, dropping on the white shirt with blood. She said, "It hurts, mom. It hurts so much..."

John held Sonia, whose body was covered in blood, feeling so angry that he wanted to kill people!

The man in black that was hired by Ryan and Charlotte had been subdued by Larry's men. The moment Charlotte saw John and the police rush in, she fell to the ground... How did they find this place? They hit Sonia in a place without any surveillance...

Zerger took out a pure white silk handkerchief from his pocket and carefully wiped the only chair at the scene. He lowered his head and said to John, "Mr. Quenelle, Miss Sonia may not be in a good condition now. Please sit down with her first."

At this moment, the atmosphere around John was so cold that it could even freeze people to death. Zerger could not help but tremble. According to his experience, Charlotte had big trouble.

John frowned and asked, "Is Doctor Fain here?"

Zerger said, "He is on the way. He'll be here soon."

John nodded, sat down carefully, and circled Sonia in his arms, "Larry, Ryan and these gangsters are yours. Figure out who had offended Sonia."

Larry nodded, "Looking at the scars on her wrists and ankles, I think she have been tied up for at least 12 hours."

John coldly glanced around at the man in black, who was squatting on the ground, and said, "Then chop their feet if they hurt Sonia's feet. Return what they had done to Sonia to themselves."

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