Chapter 6 Becoming the Ceo's Contract Worker

Sonia also sensed his emotions. She could feel his chest become hard.

She looked down at Charlotte and said, "Since we have known for a long time and Ryan has lost his job. I'll forgive you this time. No need to kneel down to me. But please pay attention to the most basic morality as a person." Her hand was still tightly held by John. She tried to pull out, but John held her even tighter. Sonia gave up the struggle and continued, "I'm not always so nice."

John pinched her hand and said, "Since Sonia said she forgives you, I agree with her." He led Sonia back to the car. The reporters swarmed to pat the glass and pull the door, which annoyed John.

"Where's the security guard?" John said with a frown.

The special assistant was so nervous that his legs cramped up again. John's frown generally indicated that he was in a state of forbearance before his anger. The special assistant hurriedly called the security minister, and the car was able to speed away. He silently wiped the sweat off his forehead and remembered the last time John frowned. At that time...

Rita, a small star who became famous through the Internet drama. Somehow bribed someone and lay naked in the back seat of the car when John was drunk...

Last time he heard from Zerger that Rita seemed to prostitute in a nightclub recently, and was the cheapest one...

Rita was so brainless. How dared she appeared naked in front of John before finding out anything? John saw more than 20 girls that day, and none of them was the one he was looking for. He was already annoyed. Zerger stood aside trembling and did not dare to say anything. He was ready to be scolded. However, he didn't expect that Rita would appear.

John's anger was all on Rita. He had intended to support her to be a young and beautiful actress, but she was directly sent to that place...

She was also unlucky to have touched John's scales.

They had been with John for many years. They knew that John had been looking for a girl all these years, but didn't find her. This girl was John's scale. Anyone who touched the scale would be punished. There used to be a movie queen who thought she could seduce John, but she was banned completely by John's order. She had no work after that and could only rely on her previous savings to live.

Sonia looked out the window at the fleeting scenery and her eyes were gloomy.

Although she'd had a good day, she couldn't seem to be happy about it. One was a lover with countless sweet memories, the other was a best friend who had participated in talent shows together since they were young. The former was fired after working hard for many years, and the latter lost her work in a drama.

She had been Charlotte's assistant for three years, and she knew that the actress's schedules were arranged in advance one after another. A gap in the schedule meant that there was a lot less exposure and income. Charlotte had been popular for several years, and she was no better than the new ones. The half-year gap was a big blow to Charlotte.

Sonia sighed slightly. How did they become like this?

"Are you still thinking about your ex-boyfriend?" Seeing her worried expression, the man next to her asked coldly, "Can't you forget him? Don't blame me for not reminding you. He's Charlotte's husband now."

"I know!" Sonia was upset and subconsciously yelled. When she realized it, she was so scared that her forehead was sweating. First, she got drunk and raped the president, then she took advantage of the president's authority to withdraw Charlotte's job and owed the president a big favour. Just now, she yelled at the president...


"Yes." His voice was frighteningly cold.

Sonia swallowed and said, "Can you not sue me for rape... I'm willing to pay back the money..."

"Pay back the money?" John raised his eyebrows, "I'm not cheap."

"I know, I know... Can you deduct it from my salary?"

John obviously didn't agree, "It's not enough to deduct it until you're 800 years old."


Seeing Sonia give in, the depression in John's heart was swept away. He said patiently, "You can change the way."


He was not asking her to be his girlfriend again, was he? She was not stupid. Although John asked her to be his girlfriend in the morning, he must be unhappy and joking with her. If he really took her seriously, she would die without knowing how.

John softened his tone and said, "You know, as a president, many women want to find a breakthrough in me, hoping to take a shortcut."

"That's for sure. You have the greatest authority in the entertainment industry. Which female star doesn't want to? " Sonia thought.

"So I need someone to help me get rid of these boring things. I need a nominal girlfriend to help me get rid of those boring women when they bother me again."

So he would like her to be a shield? She could do that! She also studied acting and her grades were much better than Charlotte's at school. Although Charlotte became famous in the end, she was also a professional!

John looked at her bright eyes and was in a good mood, "Outwardly, you are my real girlfriend, internally." He looked into her shining eyes, worthy of the woman he had chosen, so pretty, "Make three meals and clean up every day."

It turned out to be a cook!

"Then... Salary?"

John amused her and said, "Now that you're an assistant, your salary is 4531.63 after tax. In the future, you'll have 500 dollars pocket money every month. The rest will be deducted to pay off your debts. Let me figure it out... It'll be paid off in about 70 or 80 years."

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