Chapter 3 I Accidentally Fell Asleep with the President

Sonia had a serious headache.

She was half awake, rolling in pain with her head in her arms. Fortunately, the soft velvet pillow eased the pain a little.

Wait a minute. How could a celebrity assistant like her afford such an expensive pillow?

"Are you awake?" John stood in front of the wardrobe and was selecting clothes for today's opening ceremony when he saw a kitten rolling on the bed.

The man's voice was deep but clear, surprisingly pleasant to hear. But why was there a man in her room?

Sonia's brain was in a mess. She kept her face buried in the pillow and scratched her hair irritably, grabbing the corner of the pillow and pinching it.

Could it be that she was drunk and had sex with a young star? She remembered seeing a very handsome newcomer last night. And she even boasted about making him popular. Gosh, it didn't count as a latent rule, did it?

John saw her remain silent. Her slender and fair arms and shoulders were exposed. On her jade-like skin and her slender neck, there were some bruises and kiss marks.

He looked at the beautiful scenery and forgot to choose clothes. Then John put on his shirt and walked to her side. With a tie in his hand, he walked to the bedside and stroked her head, "Wake up. After breakfast, come with me to the opening ceremony."

Sonia shrank her head to dodge his hand, but he caressed her neck boldly.

Sonia felt annoyed and shrank her body. But she didn't expect the man to touch her shoulder directly. She shrugged her shoulders to get rid of the hateful hand. However, the man's hand reached out to her chest. That was too much!

Sonia felt irritable and sat up immediately. It was probably because she got up abruptly that she had a more serious headache.

As she rubbed her head, Sonia narrowed her eyes and yelled at the man, "It's just a one-night stand. Don't tearfully complain about me forcing you. We are all adults. Well, I'll pay you. I promise to introduce a top female superstar to you."

She made a big fuss at the wedding yesterday. Charlotte might not be willing to help her. But Ryan was still the vice president. Anyway, she just wanted to muddle through first!

At this moment, John thought differently. The little woman was naked on the bed. The quilt originally covered her top. But it slid from her body because of her sudden sitting up. He stared presumptuously at her exposed upper body and fixed his eyes on her full bosoms. Although there were some kiss marks left last night, they were still unbelievably beautiful.

Perhaps it was because he gazed too long that the dazed Sonia was completely awakened. She felt a burning gaze on her chest. So she quickly pulled over the quilt to cover her body, "Stop looking at me!"

The beautiful scenery was obscured, and John raised his eyebrows in disappointment. A handsome man still looked so beautiful even with such a frivolous look. Alas! Sonia reached out a finger and gently poked him on the shoulder, "Hey, what's your name?"

John grabbed her little hand and gently rubbed it, "John Quenelle."

Sonia frowned and wondered about it. Why did this name sound familiar? She had heard about it. Was he a small star? Holly crap. She slept with a star this time.

Just as she was trying to recall, she heard the man's slightly hoarse voice. "My name is John Quenelle."


The man in front of her was actually the president of XG Entertainment. He was the John Quenelle who could shake the whole entertainment industry!

What a coincidence!

Sonia went blank in an instant and felt deeply desperate.

She asked tentatively, "Mr. Quenelle?"

John nodded, "That's what they called me, but I would be happier if you could call me darling."

Oh my god! How did Charlotte perform the amnesia patient last time? She wanted to have amnesia right now!

John seemed to be very satisfied with her shocked expression. He kissed her hand and said, "Get up, or you won't have time to eat."

Then he raised his voice and called for the maid. He said to Sonia, "I didn't have time to buy your clothes. So I just ask them to buy a few first. Choose at will." He waved his hand and said, "Yolanda, come over to help Mrs. Quenelle get dressed."

Yolanda held a few brand new custom-made dresses and widened her eyes, "Mrs. Quenelle!"

Sonia almost said in unison, "Mrs. Quenelle?!"

John raised an eyebrow at her and went downstairs to the restaurant, leaving Sonia alone on the bed.

When did she become John's wife?

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