Chapter 15

Rosalie showed up at school with Chad escorting her. He had picked up Rosalie at her house because he didn't want her to go to school alone with the pending lawsuit.

As Chad and Rosalie walked through the school's corridors, whispers abounded as they passed by.

“Hey, Rosalie, can I get a piece of you too!” Jerry Martinez, the 6-foot-1 school football quarterback yelled at them.

“Way to go, Jerry!” Jimmy, Jerry's best friend said, as he high-fived him.

“Ignore them, Rosalie.” Chad said. “They're just being childish.

Chad continued to move Rosalie through the corridor to Rosalie's locker so she could get her textbooks for her chemistry class. Luckily, Rosalie was in the same chemistry class as he was, so Chad could keep an eye on Rosalie.

As Chad and Rosalie walked into their chemistry class, Chad went up to Mr. Longfellow, their chemistry teacher.

“Mr. Longfellow, can Rosalie sit next to me this morning?” Chad asked.

“I don't see why it's a problem.” Mr. Longfellow told him.

“Thank you, Mr. Longfellow.” Chad said, as he escorted Rosalie to the desk next to his.

Everything seem alright until Jerry Martinez showed up to chemistry class. Chad assumed that Jerry wouldn't show today. Jerry always skipped chemistry class. The lawsuit must have convinced Jerry to show up today when they saw him in the hallway.

“Hey babe, you're in my seat.” Jerry winked at Rosalie. “Does this mean you want a piece of me?

“Shut up, Jerry!” Chad yelled as he defended Rosalie, who hid her face with her arms.

“Who's gonna make me?” Jerry asked. “You?!

“Leave Rosalie alone or you'll be dealing with me!

“Who are you? Her boyfriend?

“C'mon tough guy.” Jerry said, throwing a punch at Chad, as Rosalie looked up horrified. She couldn't believe that Chad was in a fight because of her.

As Mr. Longfellow moved in to stop the fight, Rosalie ran out of the classroom. Not wanting a to cause a scene, Rosalie ran out of the school without bothering to check in with the admissions first.

“What is the meaning of this?” Mr. Longfellow asked, grabbing Chad to hold off the two boys.

Jerry took another swing at Chad. Chad tried to punch Jerry, but Mr. Longfellow held him back.

“Alright you two!” Mr. Longfellow yelled. “Let's go see Mr. Goldman!

Mr. Longfellow accompanied Chad and Jerry to Mr. Goldman's office, who was on the phone at the time and pointed to the two chairs in his office, indicating to Jerry and Chad to have a seat. As the two boys waited for Mr. Goldman to get off the phone, Chad couldn't help but worry about Rosalie.

Mr. Goldman took Chad and Jerry's statements and gave them both after-school detention for disrupting the class.

Meanwhile, Rosalie was just about to walk up her front porch when she ran into Missy Devereaux.

“Hey, slut!” Missy yelled from across the street.

Rosalie tried to get inside before Missy could start anything with her, but it was too late. Missy had ran across the street, nearly causing a collision with two cars.

“Hey, slut, didn't you hear me?” Missy said as she grabbed Rosalie's hair.

“Leave me alone, Missy.” Rosalie pleaded with her.

“Just wanted to let you know that I got the assistant manager position you tried get by coming onto Mr. Jantz.” Missy goaded her.

“That's great, Missy. I'm happy for you.” Rosalie said, congratulating her on her new position.

“Just want to let you know. . .” Missy began. “You won't get away with what you did to Mr. Jantz to get the position.

“If you're talking about the charges Mr. Jantz filed against me, the truth will come out in court.” Rosalie told her, trying to sound hopeful. But deep down, she wasn't so sure.

Missy tried to say something else, but Rosalie didn't want to hear it and shut the door in her face. Seeing Chad coming up the driveway, Missy left immediately before Chad could see her.

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