Chapter 4

The next day at school, word got around that Rosalie Jansen had been involved with Mr. Jantz at Burger Works. It was all due to Missy Devereaux, who was jealous of Rosalie. She overheard Mr. Jantz try to promote Rosalie to assistant manager, a job the Missy wanted, and Mr. Jantz knew Missy wanted the job. When she also heard Mr. Jantz come onto Rosalie, she saw her chance to get back at both Mr. Jantz and Rosalie.

“Hey, there sexy!” Jesse Woods, the high school quarterback, said. “Wanna come over to my place?

“What are you talking about, Jesse?” Rosalie asked him, as she was getting her books from her locker for Algebra class.

“I heard you were really hitting it off with Mr. Jantz at Burger Works.” Jesse said.

“What are you talking about?” Rosalie asked, confused.

“You made out with Mr. Jantz.” Jesse said. “It's all over school.

“I don't know what you are talking about?” Rosalie cried, as Jesse tried to kiss her.

“C'mon, Rosalie, when do I get my turn?” Jesse said, pushing her against the locker and fondling her.

But Jesse didn't get far as Chad came up and decked Jesse when he witnessed what he was doing to her.

“Leave her alone, Jesse!” Chad yelled.

“Hey! What did you do that for?” Jesse said, putting his hand up to his cheek where Chad had punched him. “You're going to be sorry for this!

“Yeah, that's right, Jesse, run!” Chad yelled after him.

Chad turned to Rosalie. “Are you okay?

“What was that all about?” Rosalie said, confused. “Why does everyone think I made out with Mr. Jantz at Burger Works?

Just then, Missy came by. “Because I told them.

“Just what did you tell everyone, Missy?!” Rosalie asked her.

“The truth, Rosalie!” Missy said. “I saw you coming onto Mr. Jantz last night!

“What do you mean, coming onto him?” Rosalie said, as she lunged at her, but Chad held her back.

“I heard you thanking Mr. Jantz for the promotion by coming onto him.” Missy shot back. “It's not fair, Rosalie, you knew I wanted that job, and you managed to get it by trying to sleep with the boss!

“That's not true!” Rosalie defended herself.

“Yeah, play the poor little victim, Rosalie.” Missy said. “I know your type. You won't get away with it.

“I am innocent. He came onto me! And when I wouldn't give into his advances, he fired me!” Rosalie explained.

“Yeah, sure, Rosalie.” Missy said. “Spin it the way you want so you look like the victim.

By now, everyone in the hallway was listening to the commotion. Chad managed to get Rosalie away from everyone and into the science room alone and away from everyone's peering looks.

“Hey!” Chad said, holding up Rosalie's face. “It'll be okay. I believe you.

Rosalie just hugged him as he pulled her closer. Missy managed to look into the room, shaking her head. “Yeah, Rosalie, go ahead and play Chad too.

Chad just held Rosalie in his arms trying to make her feel better after Missy's attack.

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