Chapter 16

The day was here. The day Rosalie had to give her testimony in court. She couldn’t believe she was being charged with sexual harassment. Rosalie was glad she had three people on her side: her loving parents—and Chad. Chad has been wonderful to her. He’s been there through everything with her--her decision to remain a virgin until marriage; getting fired from her job because she refused Mr. Jantz’s sexual advance; Missy Devereaux’s (not to mention her classmates) rude comments over her sexual harassment charge; her memories of what happened to her as a child by her Uncle Ray.

In fact, if it weren’t for Chad, Rosalie didn’t think she would have the strength to live to this day.

Giving one last look into the mirror, Rosalie went to answer the knock on her bedroom door.

“Chad.” Rosalie said with a hopeful greeting as he gave her a peck on her lips.

“Hey, beautiful.” Chad greeted her. “Are you ready for court?

“About as ready as I’ll ever be.” Rosalie tried to be hopeful.

“You’ll be fine.” Chad assured her, holding her hands in his. “You have every step of the way.

Chad couldn’t wait for this trial to be over. He was anxious to present Rosalie with her surprise. He wanted to wait for the trial to be over so he would have Rosalie’s undivided attention when he presented her with the surprise.

“Do you kids want some lemonade before we head out for the courthouse?” Mrs. Jansen asks them.

“Sure mom.” Rosalie says taking Chad’s hand as they head into the Jansen kitchen.

At the courthouse:

Rosalie began to get nervous as she walked up the huge courthouse steps with Chad and her parents. They got worse when she saw Mr. Jantz walk into the courthouse ahead of them.

“What kinds of lies would Mr. Jantz’ lawyer say about her to win the case?” Rosalie thought to herself, as Chad held Rosalie’s hand tighter in his.

Once inside the courtroom, everything was in play for the trial: Mr. Jantz’ was sitting up in the front with his attorney. Missy Devereaux was sitting right behind him. And the jurors were lining up in their seats. To hear the trial.

As Rosalie, Chad and Rosalie’s parents took their seats across the aisle from where Missy was sitting, Missy gave Rosalie a glaring look, which Rosalie tried to ignore.

As the judge came into the courtroom, the entire courtroom rose, as the bailiff announced the judge’s presence.

The judge brought the courtroom to order as he called Mr. Jantz’ attorney to give his opening argument.

After Mr. Jantz’ attorney gave his opening statements, it was Rosalie’s attorney to give his. As Rosalie’s attorney was giving his opening arguments, Missy stood up and shouted, “She’s a liar and a slut!

“Sit down, miss!” the judge ordered. “Before I have you removed from this courtroom!

Missy sat down in her seat promptly and the judge called Mr. Jantz’ attorney to call his first witness.

“Missy Devereaux, will you please approach the witness stand?” Mr. Jantz’ attorney asked, as Missy rose from her seat and walked to the witness stand to take the oath.

“How did you come to know the plaintiff?” Mr. Jantz’ attorney asked her.

“He’s my supervisor at Burger Works, where I work.” Missy replied to the statement.

“Thank you, Miss Devereaux.” Mr. Jantz’ attorney says. “And how do you know the defendant?

“We are classmates and ex-co-workers.

“And what do you remember of the defendant’s leave from Burger Works?

“The defendant came onto the plaintiff so he would promote her to assistant manager.

“Objection, your Honor.” Rosalie’s attorney spoke up. “That’s hearsay.

“The jury will strike the last statement from the witness.” The judge instructed the jury.

“Let me rephrase, your Honor. How did you come to the knowledge of the plaintiff’s situation.

“The plaintiff told me when he called me into his office.” Missy stated for the court.

“No further questions, your Honor.” Mr. Jantz’ attorney said, as he went back to his seat.

“Okay, you may cross-examine the witness.” The judge says to Rosalie’s attorney.

“Miss Devereaux, what is your relationship with the plaintiff?

“I’m his assistant manager.” Missy states.

“The same position the plaintiff allegedly gave to Rosalie?


“Thank you. Now, Miss Devereaux, is it true that there is more to your relationship than just professional with the plaintiff?

“No, the plaintiff are strictly professional.” Missy states, not able to look Mr. Jantz’ in the eye.

“Your Honor, I enter into evidence, File A.” Rosalie’s attorney states, as he hands it to the judge.

“You may question the witness.” The judge states after glancing over the file.

“Are you sure your relationship with the plaintiff is strictly professional? Rosalie’s attorney asks Missy again.

“Yes, quite sure.

“Then how is that you and the plaintiff had relations next day after Rosalie was let go from her position from Burger Works?

“What?” Missy asks. “I never had relations with the plaintiff!

Just then, a photo of Mr. Jantz and Missy in a compromising position appears on the screen for the whole courtroom to view.

The courtroom is hushed at the evidence.

“I am finished with this witness, your Honor.” Rosalie’s attorney says.

“We will adjourn for the day.” The judge bangs his gavel on his desk as the courtroom heads our.

“Wow! I can’t believe that Missy and Mr. Jantz were having an affair?” Chad says to Rosalie as they head out of the courtroom.

“I’ll bet that’s how she got the assistant manager position.” Rosalie said, sounding miffed. “No wonder she threw it in my face.

“Well, let’s go home and see what happens tomorrow.” Chad says to Rosalie, taking her hand and leading her to her parents’ car.

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