Chapter 5

Chad dropped Rosalie off at her home after he persuaded her to have dinner with him. He wanted to cheer her up after Missy's attack at school that day. Chad could see how embarrassed Rosalie was vowed to make her a special day tomorrow.

When Chad got home, he asked his father if he could have the keys to the family cabin.

“Sure, son.” Mr. Newcastle said, handing Chad the keys to the family cabin.

“Thanks, dad. There's a girl at school I want to cheer up tomorrow since it's Saturday.” Chad told his father.

“Oh, really, Chad?” his father asked. “It wouldn't happen to be that Rosalie Jansen, would it?

“Yes, dad, it is.

“I don't want you associating with that girl!

“Why not dad?!

“I've heard the stories, son!” Mr. Newcastle told Chad. “She's a slut. . .seducing her boss the way she did!

“That is not true, dad! Mr. Janz sexually harassed her. Then fired her when she refused to his advances!

“Are you sure, Chad?” his father asked, worried.

“Yes, dad, Rosalie wouldn't lie to me. We've gotten close.” Chad confided in his father.

“Oh, really, Chad? Exactly how close?

“Nothing intimate, dad, but we do have something special between us.” Chad confessed. “Dad, I think I'm in love with Rosalie.

“So, you really like this girl, huh son?

“Yes, dad. That's why I want to take her to the family cabin. It's just to cheer her up after what happened at school today.

“What happened at school?

“Missy Devereaux verbally attacked her because of Mr. Janz's harassment. Accused her of being the one to come onto Mr. Janz.

“Why would Missy do that?

“Because she overheard Mr. Janz give Rosalie the assistant manager position that Missy was vieing for.

“So, Missy accused Rosalie of coming onto Mr. Janz because Missy wasn't the one Mr. Janz gave promotion to?

“Yeah, dad.

“Okay, son. I believe you. Go ahead and take Rosalie up to the family cabin. Have a nice time tomorrow.

“Thanks dad. I knew you would understand. Good night, dad!

“Good night, Chad.

Chad went up to his room to get some sleep. But first he text Rosalie to let her know to get a good night's sleep as he had a big surprise for her tomorrow.

"B ready early N the AM. I hav a surprise 4 U." Chad text Rosalie before he drifted off to sleep.

"OK." Rosalie text back.

Rosalie couldn't sleep after the drama at school and Chad's text gave her hope as she read it. She couldn't wait for morning to see what Chad had planned for the two of them. She almost couldn't sleep out of sheer excitement. Chad sure knew how to distract her temporarily from her problems.

Rosalie didn't know how she was ever going to thank Chad for his kindness during this time? She didn't want to seem ungrateful and she didn't want him to think she was using him. She hoped Chad didn't think that, she just wasn't so sure?

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