Filthy Husband, Hot Wife

Chapter 1

Some girls were born to be charming, and Nydia Sade was one of them.

Ms. Queenan in the bar once told Nydia that no men could stop looking at her coquettish appearance. Nydia was born to be a winner.

Nydia lazily held the wine and slowly walked towards the handsome man in the white shirt sitting there. In high heels, she lost her balance all of a sudden and split the wine on him.

The spilled wine soaked his shirt, showing his strong abdominals.

Nydia tugged on the hair by her ear and looked into the man seductively, "I'm sorry for spilling on your shirt, sir~ Let me wipe it for you..."

Then she stopped in the middle of a word and touched his body with her soft hands temptingly. When she cleaned his shirt, Nydia touched his abdominals "accidentally".

There was a cigarette in the man's rosy lips. The smoke with pleasant smell blurred his face. Nydia could only see his eyes, deep but indifferent. "Are you trying to sell yourself to me?" The man asked.

His voice was as cold as his eyes. It seemed like he had no feelings for a hooker.

"No, but I'm sure I can make you satisfied." Nydia held her breath and stared at him. To be honest, she was a little nervous.

She hinted him so clearly. Such a flirting in a bar meant wooing. She thought she was capable of seducing the man.

But for this man, Nydia's confidence didn't seem to work.

Half an hour later, Nydia and the man arrived at the hotel and shot the door.

Nydia was pushed against the door. She shuddered at the strange touch on her breasts. She panicked. "Don't you want to take a bath first, Mr. Rabey?"

She had a bad feeling about this man even though she had seduced him unexpectedly.

"Start right now. You can't be cleaned anyway." Ian's breathing was hot and wet enough to turn her on.

Nydia was surprised, but she was not angry. She snaked Ian's waist with her legs and flirted, "Well, maybe you can check it by yourself ..."

Before she could finish, Nydia's skirt was lifted. The cool air made her tremble.

"Mmm..." The sudden and sharp intrusion made Nydia frown in pain.

She didn't expect it to be so painful.

Ian thought Nydia was an experienced hooker and she could accept him without any foreplay, but he didn't expect...

It was pretty tight, the virgin tight.

"How many men have you slept with?"

Nydia clung to him weakly and hummed softly, "You're the first."

"The first one that made you so comfortable?" Ian sneered and moved violently.

Nydia's eyes were red. She endured the pain and smiled. "Yes, none of them are as good as Mr. Rabey."

"In which aspect?" Men are usually sensitive in this topic, even he... seemed to be no exception.

Ms. Queenan had taught her that flattering men was the best way to please men.

Nydia bit her lip and whispered intermittently, "You... can last very long. You're good at sex."

Then Ian turned her over without any expression and pressed her against the cold door in the most primitive way so that he could play her freely.

It was as if she was a female animal.

Nydia, who was forced to turn around, did not like this position, but could not resist his strength. Her charming crooning lingered in his ears.

"Um... Slow down, Mr. Rabey..."

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