Chapter 15

When John came back and saw this scene, her face turned red and she' taught' Nydia a lesson for half an hour, while Nydia only went in one ear and out the other to her words, yawned lazily and went upstairs.

The rest of them were faced with a Tibetan Mastiff that they couldn't beat or scold.

Nydia was still in a good mood for a few days.

On weekends, it was rare for Nydia to stop dressing like a pheasant. Her best friend bought her a dress, a sapphire low-cut fishtail dress with its train dragging along the ground.

It was the sexiness of a mature woman.

She only went downstairs after receiving the call. When she saw Stewart, he was still chatting politely with Mavis in the living room. He was dressed in a navy suit, and he was calm and composed, like a beast in human skin.

Seeing her go downstairs, Stewart raised his eyes and glanced at her. There seemed to be a ripple in his gloomy eyes, "I was talking to aunt Mavis about you."

"Speak ill of me?" Nydia walked over and smoothed her long hair by the ear.

"Is it possible for me to praise you?" Stewart, on the other hand, didn't try to be polite but made her lose face.

Although Nydia felt disgraced, she put on a fake smile, "I knew a filthy mouth cannot utter decent language."

"That make two of us." Stewart's tongue was as sharp as hers.

Mavis didn't expect the two of them to get along like this, not like a couple at all, but like enemies. Mavis was stunned, then he said thoughtfully. "You two have such a good relationship."

Usually, only the people who were most familiar with each other, would not mind each other being so presumptuous.

Henna, who was coming down the stairs, heard this. She held the staircase and looked at the two of them quarreling. They were such a loving couple.

She was so angry that her knuckles were white as she held the stairs, and she secretly gritted her teeth, Nydia, you bitch!

Stewart was about to say something when she heard Henna come over gently. "Mr. Youngren, you are here too. I have often heard Nydia mention you. Glad to see you."

As she spoke, she smiled and reached out her hand as if there was no amour between the two of them.

Seeing this, Stewart naturally couldn't refuse his beloved woman. With a calm expression, he reached out and held her hand as if he wouldn't let it go for a long time. He said in a low voice, "Me too."

Nydia glanced lazily at the hands they were holding, as if she didn't care at all.

Why would she care about a man with both dirty heart and body?

Although she thought so, the smile on her lips gradually faded.

The next moment, Nydia stepped on the bottom of the fishtail skirt and tore it.

The crack stretched straight to the calf, and part of the skin was exposed.

Hearing the noise, Stewart reluctantly released Henna's hand, turned to look at Nydia, frowned for a while, and subconsciously blurted out in a deep voice, "What's wrong?"

"I accidentally stepped on it." Nydia shrugged and glanced at Henna. "I want to go upstairs and change a dress."

Henna saw that she was looking at herself and did not hesitate for a moment before answering, "Mr. Youngren, I'm sorry for my poor entertainment. I'll go up with Nydia to change her dress first."

Stewart nodded, his eyes lingering on the two of them until they disappeared at the staircase, not knowing who he was looking at.

He looked very affectionate.

"It seems that you are really fond of Nydia." Mavis looked around and said tentatively, seeming to have an idea in his mind.

Stewart returned to his senses and smiled, "Sort of."

It was hard to tell whether this sentence was true or false.

"Then what do you like about her? Nydia is good in all aspects, except her stubborn temper which often makes her father angry. This time, he was so angry that the hospital could hardly save him. You have to tolerate her temper, Stewart." Mavis seemed to be speaking for Nydia, but in fact, she said the worst.

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