Chapter 17

Stewart paused, with his eyes slightly deep. "I never thought of it that way, uncle."

It was a good performance.

Nydia glanced at Henna subconsciously, and sure enough, her face was getting uglier and uglier. Even though she knew Stewart was acting in front of John for her sake, she still could not accept it at all.

"Then tell me what you think." John seemed to be forcing Stewart into a corner. His aggressive tone was uncomfortable.

But Stewart did not change his face. He said word by word with a calm voice, "Maybe to others, she is arrogant and domineering, but to me... she gives everything wholeheartedly. So when I am with her, I always mean it."

Nydia was confused. Was he too engrossed in the act? Didn't you see Henna glaring at him like that?

And she asked him to come here to break up with her, not to make him say that.

Didn't he want to be with Henna? Today he said that in front of John, and if John took it seriously, Nydia would not allow Henna to be with him even when Henna and Ian divorced someday.

John snorted coldly. "Anyone can say it, but not everyone can do it!" It was obvious that he had not fully accepted Stewart.

He was about to speak when Henna suddenly interrupted the two of them and said in a husky voice, "Nydia, can you pass me the tissue? I was splashed with tea."

Nydia stood up unprepared. However, with a hissing sound, the back of her skirt was ripped open as she stood up, and almost fell into a state of euphoria!

If it were in front of everyone, Nydia would lose face.

In the nick of time, she quickly pulled the front of her clothes, so that her white skin would not be exposed. But it had already attracted the attention of everyone.

At this moment, Stewart stood up with a deep expression, took off his coat and draped it over her shoulder, and easily resolved the awkwardness. "Clumsy. You are not suited to serve people."

After this accident, John seemed to change his mind about Stewart, and the small talk between them was no longer so sharp.

It was getting dark. Nydia sent Stewart away from the Sade family. She returned his suit jacket and smiled at him. "I remember I asked Mr. Youngren to break up with me. I almost believed it since you acted so real. Do you still love me?"

Her breathing was momentarily disordered.

There was also a slight, almost invisible expectation.

The next moment, Stewart took his suit with an expressionless face and looked at her coldly. He changed his face faster than flipping through a book. "I advise you not to be too sentimental. Nydia, look at yourself in the mirror. I'm just trying to protect Henna. I'll tell your father when she gets divorced."

After that, he drove away without looking back.

Nydia was at a loss for a moment, then smiled coldly and turned to leave.

Then she pressed her finger into her pocket and sent out a message. With a beep sound, a message had already been delivered.

The smile on the corner of her mouth grew stronger and stronger. Since he disliked her so much, she would show him how the woman he loved actually was.

The reason why her dress was ripped just now was that someone had tampered with the back of it.

Henna was the only one who went upstairs with her.

Nydia happened to have taken a picture of her fiddling in high definition, and was sending it to Stewart's email for him to enjoy it. Even if he didn't believe it, she could still stir up a rift between the two of them.

Isn't it more fun to see two dogs bite each other than to deal with a couple of dogs?

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