Chapter 7


A crisp slap resounded through the corridor outside the hospital ward, causing the discussion among the nurses and patients in the ward.

Normally, Nydia was a good doctor in their eyes. It was unexpected that the patient's family would be unsatisfied with her. But they couldn't say anything about it but look on her.

Nydia's right face quickly turned red and swollen. She raised her hand expressionlessly to wipe the blood from her mouth. She was being hit so hard.

"This slap is for dad. If it weren't for you, how could he be angered that he was hospitalized!"

Henna glared at her with indignant eyes. Raising her hand, she was trying to give her another slap. "This slap is for me. You dare to seduce my husband..."

Since Nydia had no contact with the Sade family since she was 15 years old, she never went back after Henna got married. Thus she had never never met the so-called 'brother-in-law' except that she saw him in the photos.

Before the slap landed on Nydia's face, a hand stopped her.

Nydia's eyelashes trembled. She wasn't stupid enough to be slapped twice by Henna, but she didn't expect this man to come.

She didn't have time to visit John while he was hospitalized last time. Now it seemed to make sense that he came with Henna this time.

Henna was shocked and turned around to see the man. Her eyes instantly dimmed. "Ian... Honey, why are you here? Didn't you go to see our father first?"

As she spoke, Henna seemed to be deflated, taking his arm affectionately. "Well, why aren't you talking?"

Her temper indeed could turn on a sixpence. Nydia looked at her flattering eyes, and the corners of her mouth curved into a faint smile. She should not have expected that Ian knew that she had cheated on him and she witnessed that she made out with Stewart.

Any man could not stand it. She didn't believe he can tolerate such a slut!

Ian, however, raised his hand to stroke her long hair. He said with a smile in his eyes. "Wait for you, won't you come with me?"

Henna bit her lip. After a while, she nodded, curling her lips. "I had something to deal with, but honey, since you're here, I'll definitely go with you. Let's go!"

"Okay." Ian, as if he didn't know Nydia, brushed past her and left with Henna in her arms.

Nydia's eyes grew colder as she stared thoughtfully at his back.

She did not expect this man to be able to bear it. Ever since she learned that he was in the hospital, she had been waiting for an opportunity to lure them into his ward so that he could see this.

If she had guessed correctly, Ian would have found evidence that Henna was having an affair with Stewart. Why did he pretend that nothing had happened?

All her revenge was ruined by Ian's uncertainty and she failed to ruin Stewart and Henna's reputation as planned.

Was he really in love with Henna so that he protected her in this way, even if he knew that Henna was a slut?


Half a month later, Nydia was sent a lawyer's letter because of a complaint from a patient with heart disease. It is said that she and the hospital should be fully responsible for the death of the patient due to improper operation during her operation.

As a doctor, Nydia tried her best to save the patient. Such kind of patient was not uncommon, and she was also considerate of the patient's mood. This kind of lawyer's letter could be solved peacefully only by the intervention of the hospital.

But this time, the hospital was in a dilemma. Ultimately, it put the blame on her alone, not intending to deal with it.

What puzzled Nydia most was that the patient was an old employee of John company.

Was there... Such a coincidence in this world?

Finally, after the coordination of the patient's family members, as long as the company was responsible for a potion of the compensation, they would withdraw the lawsuit. The problem was that the company has been unwilling to pay for it, which was why the patient was still pestering the hospital.

So the only way for Nydia to stay in the hospital without being cut off as a doctor was to -

Go to beg the Sade family.

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