Chapter 9

Nydia stayed in Sade family since she came back that day, Mavis naturally would never tolerate her, but she used a small part of the shares that John left her to make a deal with Mavis.

That was why she was eating and being treated well in the Sade family. Even Henna couldn't do anything to her.

Nydia just took it as a long vacation and wanted to spend some time in the Sade family leisurely.

In the afternoon, Nydia asked her bestie to go shopping and bought back a bunch of things. She asked the servant to brew the new tea that she had just bought and she leaned against the sofa to apply the bright red nail polish seriously and lazily.

Suddenly, two familiar voices came from the entrance.

"Honey, if dad isn't going to come back from Ningshui Villa today, I wouldn't let you take the time out of your busy schedule to come back with me," Henna's voice seemed to purposely show her tenderness in front of her beloved, "I want to cook for dad personally. Do you think it's okay?"

"It's your call." Ian gazed at her gently, as if he were a husband who really loved his wife.

"Honey, you're so nice!" Henna kissed him on the lips, looked into his smiling eyes, and walked in with his arm in her hand happily.

It was as if she just saw Nydia, who was curling legs on the sofa and painting her nails. She glanced at Nydia's long, white legs, and her eyes flashed with jealousy. God was so good to Nydia, not only gave her beauty but also gave her good figure!

Women usually compared these things quietly in their hearts. Henna subconsciously looked at Ian and was relieved to find that he wasn't staring straight at Nydia. But when she thought of that nude photo, she still felt unhappy.

Henna hid her emotions, then smiled and said, "I didn't expect her to move back to the Sade family. The last time you met at the hospital, I didn't formally introduce you to each other. Honey, she is my younger sister Nydia."

Hearing Henna introduced her, Nydia casually blew on her bright red nails without raising her head, and said, "We've known each other for a long time. Would it be fun to introduce me hypocritically?"

Henna was speechless and did not expect Nydia to not even pretend when there was someone else. She looked at her coldly. Even though she was so angry that she wanted to slap Nydia a few times, she did not show it on her face.

Nydia suddenly got up without looking at them. She turned around and wanted to go upstairs. Suddenly, with a bang, the things she had bought on the coffee table were scattered on the floor.

She paused, frowned, and went back to pick up her things to bring upstairs, but she did not expect something to shock her there!

Nydia's pupils shrank.

When did she buy this...this pink vibrator, which was even an automatic one with bumps and was ridiculously large?

Her hand trembled and accidentally touched the switch.

The air seemed to freeze, leaving only the screeching sound of the vibrator.

Henna blushed and she seemed to mutter in embarrassment, "Why did you buy this? Do you use it?"

It was not uncommon for a woman to buy a vibrator, but it was embarrassing to be seen, especially when there was a man next to her, which only made people think Nydia was a lascivious woman.

Nydia took a deep breath, seemingly calm, picked up the vibrator and turned it off. Raising her eyes, she bumped into Ian's calm and deep eyes, and her eyelashes trembled slightly.

Then Nydia threw the vibrator into the bag, and smiled at him shamelessly, "It's quite good. It's fully automatic stretching and vibrating. Why don't you buy one as well?"

After that, she went upstairs without looking back, as if she didn't care what Ian was thinking.

Henna narrowed her eyes slightly. It was as if she was dissatisfied with the result. She really underestimated the extent of Nydia's shamelessness!

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