Chapter 11

Nydia was slammed against the cold wall by him. In front of her were a man's fiery breath and a strong body. She felt cold and warm meanwhile, then her lips and tongue were sucked by him.

She could not help but tremble because of this furious and flirtatious kiss.

However, she didn't indulge for long. She remembered her purpose. She needed a month to make this man fall in love with her.

As long as his heart was no longer on Henna, he would use the evidence in his hands to force Henna to divorce earlier, and Henna and Stewart would be ruined and have nothing!

Nydia's slender fingertips circled his waist and abdomen. "Mr. Rabey, I want you."

Her voice was soft and charming, but no one knew if it was intentional or not.

Ian forcefully pulled her restless hand, picked her up, and then hurried to the bathroom.

Nydia had sex with him for two times to satisfy his desires. She didn't know why she came here to help Henna satisfy the man's desire that she had provoked.

After a few showers, she was leaning over to pick up the leopard-print skirt that had been thrown to the ground, while he came in her again.

Before she could react, his thing was already deep in her. "Mr. Rabey, it hurts!"

Ian was cuddled too tightly by her. He pinched her shoulder with a low hiss, and his lust-filled voice was hoarse and sexy. "It's half done. You can take it."

He had a lot of gestures, a lot of strength, and a lot of wildness. Nydia's breathing fluctuated so much that she could only compel herself to cooperate with him in order not to be hurt.

When it was finally finished, Nydia collapsed weakly and lay on the sink.

When she looked up, she saw a strange her in the mirror. She was pink all over her body, and even her face was the same. she looked so fascinating that everyone could see it that she had been moistened by a man.

The man behind her was wearing a metal belt and a black shirt showed his skinny waist. "Wait for me to clean it up for you?"

Nydia was lost for a moment. She looked away from him and instinctively wanted to refuse. In a flash, she turned around lazily from the sink and walked behind him. She hugged the well-dressed man and said coquettishly with a smile, "Well, wash me thoroughly, Mr. Rabey."

He was dressed up and didn't want her, and it was too late, so she tried to seduce him.

Hearing this, Ian gave an expression that looked like a smile yet not a smile. She felt ghastly.

Nydia was tortured by him for another half an hour. She really overestimated herself. He only used one hand to give her the pleasure nearly to death and let her beg for mercy under him.

In the end, it was Nydia who reaped what she had sown.

When she went downstairs, Mavis and Henna were already chatting happily with John in the living room, and Ian was naturally welcomed him back warmly. He looked like an elegant and courteous gentleman.

This picture was very harmonious and sweet.

Like a family.

Nydia, on the other hand, could be the villain who ruined this warm family.

But she didn't mind being a hateful villain.

Sure enough, the atmosphere changed when Nydia went downstairs.

John saw her in a leopard-print skirt. He only frowned as if he was used to it and not angry. "Finally, you were willing to come back."

Nydia smiled. "It's a pity to come back and see you're not dead."

"You!" John's face darkened. He wanted her to leave, but he put up with it for Ian's sake. "Now that you're home, stay at home tamely. Don't go out and make a fool of yourself!"

Just as he finished speaking, Nydia saw he beckon Ian to the table, Mavis and Henna followed, and Henna sat next to Ian. She looked really like a good wife.

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