Chapter 8

There was no one else but that woman who would cudgel all the brains to frame her.

Very good.

Nydia slowly curved her lips, then took off her white coat neatly. After giving the nurse a few sentences, she was about to go back to the Sade family.

"Nydia." Doctor Mellett called out to her thoughtfully, "I know you didn't make a mistake during the surgery, and it is impossible for you to make such a low-level mistake. You don't have to beg the Sade family..."

Nydia pulled up her drooping hair and smiled charmingly. "Don't worry, I'm not going to beg."

Looking at her leaving figure, the wrinkles between Leander's handsome brows faded away after a while. He stopped looking at her and smiled silently. His worries about her was unnecessary. He should... Be worried about the Sade family.

Since John came back from the hospital and recuperated for half a month, his health was much worse than before. In the past half month, he would go out in person only when the company had some emergency meetings, leaving the rest to Henna and her mother.

Henna and Mavis were both the biggest shareholders of the company except John, so no one had any opinions about their temporary management of the company. Besides, they had accumulated a lot of contacts in the company. And in particular, Henna's ability and strength were favored by the major shareholders of the company. A very few objections were also ignored.

So John didn't know that she was being sued by the company's old employees.

It was not the right time for Nydia to return home. Sophie, who treated her like her own daughter since childhood, secretly told her that John recuperated at the Ningshui Manor abroad during this period of time and was not at home.

Henna was afraid that she would come back and complain to John, so she even had already figured out a solution.

Nydia sat quietly on the sofa in the living room. She took the tea from the servant, took a sip slowly, and brushed the corner of her clothes lazily. "It's too hot. Go and get me another cup."

When the servant took it and was about to go, Nydia heard Mavis's sarcastic and shrill voice came from the stairs. "You really think this is your home. Nydia, if you knelt down and beg for mercy now, I can let my daughter let you go and let you continue to work in that low hospital!"

It seemed that she and her daughter had really frame her, even misappropriating the pensions of the old employees of the company. Nydia smiled happily and sweetly. "Just in time, I don't want to stay there."

"What did you say?" Mavis frowned slightly. It was clearly different from what she had expected.

Who gave her confidence to pretend to be pure and lofty here?

"My surname is Sade. This is the Sade family. Why should I give up such a good family background and become a poor doctor? I should thank you for letting me figure it out all at once."

Nydia seemed to think it was not enough to make her angry and she smiled even more brightly. "So... I decided to go back to the Sade family and enjoy an rich life with everything provided. Auntie, do you think my father would feel particularly gratified?"

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