Chapter 16

Stewart gave an unclear smile actually. "I know her temper very well. I'm afraid one day... I can't tolerate it."

After listening to this, Mavis persuaded him falsely and then didn't say anything anymore.

In the room, Nydia changed out the trampled dress and heard a knock on the door of the bathroom. Henna's voice came. "Nydia, I'll pass the dress in. You take it."

"Sure." Nydia opened the door calmly and didn't mind being naked to her.

Looking at her almost perfect figure, Henna's eyes were filled with hidden jealousy. It was a silent competition between women. She smiled unconvinced secretly and handed it over. "Put it on quickly. Be careful of catching a cold."

Nydia took it with a light smile. There were only two people there. She didn't want to pretend to be too well with her. "Men like women with big breasts and butts. Stewart is no exception. I think... If you want to, I can introduce you to a breast implants hospital."

After that, she watched Henna's face darken with anger and then closed the door and changed clothes.

Even though Henna was still angry, she calmed down when she went downstairs to meet people. She took Nydia's hand, afraid that others would not know that they were on good terms.

After going downstairs, Nydia disdainfully withdrew her arm.

She was not angry actually, but John, who had just come out of the study, saw this and scolded, "Wilful!"

Nydia pulled her lips but did not refute.

Just then, when Stewart walked to her side, he paused for a moment before interrupting the cold atmosphere between the two of them. "Uncle Sade, I am Stewart."

John did not reach out his hand but stared at him with a scrutinizing gaze as if disdaining to shake his hand and talk to him.

Seeing this, Nydia liked to see him in an awkward situation.

Stewart, however, was Stewart.

He had been schooled in society for a long time. How could he be so scared that he couldn't handle it?

Stewart calmly handed over his business card and smiled. "Uncle, this is my name card. I'm still a young man, so I'd like to ask uncle for more advice."

John glanced at Nydia, and then took it for his modest attitude's sake. He checked it for just one second and rose his head said coldly, "Since you're here, sit down and talk about you and Nydia. Sophie, go and pour some tea."

Sophie answered and left.

Seeing that John and Mavis walked over, Henna naturally followed them. Now it was inconvenient for her to talk to Stewart too much to avoid revealing any truth.

Nydia walked slowly to the end and then she was pulled by Stewart. They sat on the same side. She glanced at him and smiled lazily without saying anything.

Stewart felt her gaze but did not look at her at all. He just focused on John's look of scrutiny as if he was dealing with him wholeheartedly.

He was too potent more than Nydia had imagined, this man.

Originally, she thought that he would come here reluctantly, so he must be perfunctory.

Presumably... It was because Nydia threatened him with Henna that he cooperated like this.

"I heard from Nydia that you two have known each other for five years? Why are you always avoiding to meet the Sangs?" John sounded like a kind father who was picking out his future son-in-law for Nydia.

Nydia really wanted to laugh, but it was just a mock.

While Stewart replied solemnly, "Well, she doesn't want to go back to the Sangs, and I don't want to force her either."

"Nonsense! Don't want to force it? Or do you not want to be responsible and just want to play with Nydia?" How could John allow him to handle it so easily? He went straight to the heart of the matter.

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