Chapter 3

To annoy John, Nydia dressed up like this and gave him a wreath. She wanted to leave after she was done, but it went against her wish. So…

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

"It's just a dress. It's nothing when compared to what you have done." Nydia smiled. "Henna, you have married but you come to seduce my boyfriend. You looks innocent but in fact you are a filthy whore."

Three months ago, Nydia had just finished an emergency operation and rushed home. The operation ended one hour earlier, so she went home early. She had wanted to surprise her boyfriend, but she saw him having sex with Henna on the sofa.

Henna frowned and panicked. "Stop taking nonsense when dad is still here. I haven't done anything like that and there is no need for me to explain as well."

"So why are you getting excited?" Nydia stroked the silver pendant at the corner of her ear. "Are you afraid that I would show the evidence in public?"

Henna's face darkened. She wanted to slap Nydia to shut her up. But she hesitated when she heard the guests laughing and gossiping.

When John heard that, he could not control his anger anymore. He valued his own reputation and family honor a lot. He doesn't want to lose face on his birthday party. However, his daughters didn't care. They were fighting in public, making everyone know that the Sade family is a total mess.

"Henna, stop. Your father is really angry! Just call an ambulance. Be quick!" Mavis hurriedly held John up in fear. John was gasping for air and falling down.

Henna and Nydia stopped at the same time. One immediately called for an ambulance, but the other looked indifferent.


John was sent to the St. Louis Hospital. And Nydia happened to be the attending at the hospital.

So even if Nydia didn't send her father to the hospital, she learned about the details from Doctor Mellett.

It's not serious, and he will be fine after one week.

During this period, Henna and Mavis stayed at the hospital to take care of John. Even John's employees came to visit him. Nydia happened to meet them a few times, but she didn't even bother to drop by.

She just did her job as usual.

In the afternoon, Nydia performed an operation for appendicitis. She changed her surgical clothes, put on her white coat, and walked out. Unconsciously, she walked to John's ward unexpectedly.

She gave a quick glance and frowned. When she was leaving, a voice came from inside.

"Um... Stewart, don't do that..."

Nydia stopped right there. The voice was to familiar?

She took two more steps and saw a man and a woman kissing each other in the corridor. They were Henna and Stewart, her ex-boyfriend.

Nydia's breath tightened and she clenched her fist. She didn't expect that they would do that right outside John's ward.

After a while, the two of them seemed to be satisfied. Henna panted and whispered, "Stewart, just stop. My dad was inside. We'll be in trouble if we're caught."

"Okay." Stewart raised his eyebrows and looked at Henna with doting eyes.

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