Chapter 10

As soon as Nydia went upstairs, she threw the vibrator into the trash can. Now, she could tell with her toes that Henna was setting her up and had the servants do something to make Ian dislike her.

Before she could do anything, Henna had already struck first.

Nydia received a phone call from Leander, saying that the company had given her a pension, and as for the hospital, the family had withdrawn the complaint. She then said that she would return in another month.

She went out of her way to come back to the Sade family, and there were still some things she hadn't done yet.


After hanging up the phone, Nydia took a bath for an hour, during which she unwittingly took a nap for half an hour.

She was woken up by a sex dream. When she woke up, she stood up and dried herself with her straight face and she changed into a leopard-print sexy skirt. She knew that John would come back at night, so she wanted to piss him off when it was possible.

She looked at the time. John would be back soon.

Nydia left the room and was about to go downstairs. Just as she passed the corridor, she heard Henna's voice coming from the opposite door.

"You've been so busy lately. We haven't been together for a while. My period is still five days away. Today is... a safe period." Her delicate voice was more gentle and charming than usual, with a hint of seduction.

She didn't know whether it was intentional or not, the door wasn't closed tightly.

There was a gap, through which Nydia could see the two of them in the room.

In the opposite room, Henna knelt between Ian's legs and looked up shyly. "Can't you just do it, honey?"

"Hand or mouth, choose one." Ian raised his hand and stroked the long hair of the kneeling woman, but his low, magnetic voice was unquestionable.

Henna hesitated for a moment. She thought he was afraid that John would come back soon, and that it would take too long to do it, so he let her choose this faster one.

So she did not hesitate for long. She raised her hand to untie the metal belt for him, and a blush appeared on her face. His thing was indeed bigger than Stewart's.

He had been too busy and often neglected her after getting married, and it would be nice for him to come home once a month. Sometimes he just came back and left in a hurry, and therefore they seldom had sex.

Wasn't that keeping her a widow?

Otherwise, she would not be jealous of the love between Nydia and Stewart. Besides, Stewart's first love was her. She chose Ian, who was in a high position, between Ian and Stewart. When she turned to Stewart, she found that he was still obsessed with her.

She just... lost control for a moment and rekindled her old love with him.

When she regained her senses, Henna struggled to say, "Honey... Mmm... Mmm, I can't take it anymore. It's sore..."

Nydia should have left without looking back when she listened to her rippling cry and the unbearable sound of swallowing.

However, she stood outside the door and listened to the whole live spring palace.

Things didn't end until the sudden ringtone of the mobile phone broke the ambiguity in the air!

The two of them seemed to end in a hurry. Henna answered the phone and said something about John, and then she left the room alone in a hurry.

Nydia watched her go downstairs and she was about to leave.

The door suddenly opened, and she and Ian bumped into each other, not even having time to avoid it.

Nydia subconsciously glanced at his crotch, and as expected... it was still hard. Since she and Ian had sex before, she knew his persistence was not something that Henna could completely resolve in a few moments.

"Been watching for a long time?" Ian asked in a slightly hoarse voice and did not conceal his desire.

Nydia smiled at him deliberately. "Not that long. Just from the moment Henna knelt in front of you. Mr. Rabey, sorry to bother you. I'm leaving now."

As soon as she finished speaking, she was ready to leave without looking back. It seemed very good to see that his desire could not be relieved.

But before she could even walk out of the room, she heard a hoarse voice coming from behind. "Did you see it clearly? My thing is bigger than the fun stuff you bought, and it's also fully automatic and vibrative. Nydia, wanna have a try?"

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