Chapter 2

Late at night, the sex was over.

There was still a lingering smell in the air. Nydia sat by the bed in a white shirt, lit a cigarette quietly, and looked down at the photo of two naked hugging each other on her phone.

The corners of her mouth curled slightly.

She raised her hand to click the send button, and the message was quickly sent along with the photo.

There were only three words in the message,

"Your husband is cheating on you."

Receiver: Henna.

After sending it out, Nydia went to the bathroom in a good mood and took a shower. She changed into a black skirt and drove away from the hotel.

At Rose Garden, Nydia got out of the car and walked into the Sade's with a gift box.

The atmosphere in the living room was lively but it got frozen when she arrived.

Nydia didn't care about it. She smiled and walked in to say hi to each one, "Long time no see..."

She accidentally caught a glimpse of Henna's gloomy and cold face. She thought that if she hadn't been at John's birthday party, with the text messages and the photo she had sent, Henna would have come over to fight with her on the spot.

But Nydia didn't care at all. She wouldn't have come if she was afraid.

When John saw her, his face darkened. He came over and scolded her, "Look at you, what the hell are you wearing!"

Nydia chuckled, "What? You think I make you lose face?"

Before he could answer, he was interrupted by a burst of laughter from Nydia. "You have more than one daughter and I believe the other one would honor you. You can lead a happy life without me. I just came here to give you a birthday present, otherwise, people would think I am an orphan."

John glared at her, wishing she could get lost immediately, but in the front of the crowd, he still didn't want to lose his face. "Give your present to Mavis. If you're not feeling well, go upstairs and take a rest."

"Aunt Mavis." Nydia rarely obediently handed the gift box over and gave a lazy smile. "Why don't you open it now?"

Mavis took it with a slightly sarcastic look. When she opened it, John had a bad feeling and wanted to stop her. But it was too late.

Sure enough, he could always see through his daughter's intention.

But John didn't expect her to give him a white wreath in front of their business partners and their families at his birthday party!

John's face turned white with anger. His lips could not help but tremble, and his eyes were red as if he wanted to kill Nydia.

"Nydia, why do you give your father a wreath as a birthday gift? Are you cursing him to die?" Mavis said angrily. Her words were like adding fuel to the oil. Clearly, she wanted John to be angrier.

"Get out, tell her to get out!" John finally lost his temper and the veins on his forehead popped out. "Get out of my sight!"

Nydia, you were really good. You knew how to make him furious easily.

Mavis patted John on his back to comfort him and glanced at Henna. She refused the guests to come over and glanced at Nydia, saying, "Nydia, you know dad has heart disease. What you have done today will only make people think you're unfilial. And you dress like a prostitute. How can you bring disgrace to our family?"

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