Chapter 6

As soon as she finished, Stewart's handsome face remained calm. He stared at her charm without saying a word.

Nydia didn't want to talk with him either. Ever since she saw him having sex with Henna, she was so disgusted with him. She patted the dust on his shirt and smiled, "I know it is just your sour grapes, Stewart, but don't say that again. Since you have an affair with a married woman, you and she are scum and bitch. I wish you two live a happy life forever."

Finished all these words, she went away and didn't look back.

But before she took a few steps, Stewart grabbed her arm and said, "You dare to say that again."

The strength of his hand was so strong that it seemed to break her arm. Nydia said with a pale face, "Why? Does it hurt? I said Henna was a bitch!"

"You are more despicable than her!" Stewart's eyes were cold. "It wasn't long after I broke up with you that you had sex with a man. You are so coquettish, Nydia."

Nydia stared at him for a long time and suddenly smiled. "You did it yourself, but you didn't allow me to do the same. You've just been in the hospital, desperate for sex, acting like a dog.

"What did you say?" Stewart glared at her with an angry face. This woman is so callous. How could he not notice it when he was dating with her in the past?

"I said you were in heat like a dog and couldn't wait to have sex with Henna next to her father's ward. Stewart, your manner in bed is so disgusting." Nydia used all the sharp words to hurt him, but at the same time, she was hurt, too.

Stewart pinched her face and stared at her. "It was you who was just stood behind the curtain."

Nydia was stunned, neither admitting nor denying his words.

"Unexpectedly, Nydia, you can stand a scene like that." Stewart suddenly released his hand and glanced at her for no reason, then turned away and left.

"As you saw and heard, I love Henna but not you. As for you... I just played with you on a whim for five years."

Nydia stood there with her eyes still, motionless.

Stewart, do you have any conscience?

Just playing with her for five years? For the past five years, she had always thought that they were in love. In order to accompany him to take the postgraduate entrance examination, she studied medicine. He started a business venture to open a bar, and she followed Ms. Queenan to help with the bar when she was free. When he was busy, she would wait for his call. If he didn't want to touch her, she wouldn't force him and always keep her integrity for him.

But when she worked so hard for him, what she got was -

Watching him and Henna had a passionate sex in their own home.

After five years' love, he told her he loved Henna and kicked her away mercilessly.

What a shameless villain! Nydia would never swallow her insult and humiliation silently. Stewart, since you have betrayed me, you have to pay for it!


A week later, John was discharged from hospital.

That day, while Nydia was recording a patient's condition, a young nurse suddenly came over and whispered, "Dr. Sade, there's a patient's family outside looking for you."

"Which patient's family?" Nydia asked without raising her head as she was taking notes for the patient.

"It's the one in the special ward called John. His family is her daughter." The nurse then went to change the patient's bottled liquid.

Nydia's hands were at a standstill. What should come...will always come.

She was waiting for Henna to come to meet her. After all, she had spent a lot of time taking those sex pictures with Stewart.

Even if Henna didn't love her husband, more or less she would care if her husband loved her. Her husband had sex with another woman. It was as disgusting as stepping on dog poop. Nydia was waiting for Henna to vent her anger on her.

Nydia handed the medical record to the nurse, turned around and walked out, but unexpectedly Henna slapped her mercilessly!

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