Chapter 14

Nydia hung up the phone, lit a cigarette and walked to the balcony to smoke. She totally disappeared into the darkness.

Stewart, I am not a pushover. You just wait and see how I destroy your beloved Henna, and of course, you.

I won't let go of any of you.

Nydia had been staying in the Sade family for the past few days. She had nothing to do. She didn't even have to work at the hospital. There was no doubt that she would meet Henna, who had moved to the Sade family for a while.

Maybe Stewart had made a phone call with Henna, and told Henna her intention of inviting him, so Henna was completely at ease.

After all, Stewart would not expose his affair with Henna.

Henna was his darling. He couldn't even protect her enough. He must have comforted her well.

Nydia didn't worry. She lived leisurely at the Sade family, and Henna seemed very harmonious with her. After all, John was back, and Henna did not dare to go too far under his eyesight.

In the afternoon, Nydia received a text message.

Her calm eyes suddenly brightened and she got up lazily and walked out.

Looking at the evil smile on her lips, Henna had a bad feeling.

As expected, the sudden deafening barking of a dog came from outside, making her heart tremble.

Henna frowned and asked the servant, "What's going on? Go out and take a look..."

Before she could finish speaking, she saw Nydia walking leisurely into the living room with a huge dog.

Henna looked at the huge dog. It seemed to be a Tibetan mastiff that could bite one to death. She was so frightened that her voice trembled. "You... get this wild dog out of here. If it go crazy, it will kill people..."

"Don't worry, it won't go crazy easily." Nydia smiled at her and touched the furry head of the pure white Tibetan mastiff. "Also, its name is not wild dog. It's Rongrong."

Henna got goosebumps when she saw the saliva and sharp teeth of the Tibetan mastiff. She was so scared that she pointed at the servants and shouted, "You, go and drag this wild dog out. Hurry up!"

The servants were also afraid, but they dared not disobey her orders. At this moment, Nydia suddenly let go the rope and pretended to be out of carelessness. "The rope is broken. Why is it so weak?"

The Tibetan mastiff was scurrying around the living room, and the servants were running around in fear, so did Henna. Only Nydia stood at the staircase and watched the scene leisurely.

The next moment, the Tibetan mastiff pounced on Henna. She screamed in fear. "Quickly! Kill this wild dog. It's going to bite me!"

Seeing this, although the servants were afraid, they did not dare to let the elder lady be bitten, so they all went to get iron bars to hit the dog.

Seeing that they was about to hit the dog, Nydia played with her fingertips and said lazily, "Who dares to hit this mastiff?"

The servants paused, not knowing who to listen to for a moment. Although this mastiff belonged to the younger lady, the elder lady's life was at stake.

Besides, Henna's voice was so hoarse that she almost cried. "Kill it, or you'll be fired!"

Seeing that the servants were going to hit the dog again, Nydia sighed. "If it wanted to bite you, it would have done it long ago. It was just trying to be friendly to you. Besides, this dog belongs to Mr. Rabey. As the saying goes, 'to beat a dog or not, it depends on who its owner is.' If you kill it, I don't know how to explain to Mr. Rabey."

Henna was stunned. It was only then that she remembered that Ian had indeed raised a Tibetan mastiff in another villa. It was said that he cherished the dog so much and took the dog as his son.

Whoever dares to hurt his dog, he will chop off the man's fingers.

But... Why did Ian's cherished Tibetan mastiff, which she had never seen before, appear here for no reason...

At that moment, her nude photos that Nydia sent her flashed through Henna's mind, and her hands and feet were getting cold.

Did Ian really have slept with her?

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