Chapter 5

Nydia blushed because she got angry or she subconsciously remembered that night. Why did she compare him to Stewart? She had never done anything with Stewart. How could she know?

And Stewart and Henna had a great time that night in the hospital. Because Henna's screams were getting sharper and sharper, they soon achieved orgasms together.

Henna's screams were uncontrolled and Stewart covered her mouth with his hands. After he was satisfied, he became especially gentle. "Your father is in the next ward. Be good. Lower your voice a little."

When she regained her senses, Henna said shyly, "Cheeky!"

The two of them packed their clothes and went out without noticing Nydia and Ian.

Nydia walked out with a sour face and glanced at the traces they left on the hospital bed. This bitch couple really made love fiercely. Henna, such a pussy slut! Stewart, such a lowly scum!

She won't let go of any of them!

At this moment, Ian walked to the flowerpot on the bedside table and took something out.

When Nydia felt something was wrong, she could only see his back.

A nurse came at some time and knocked on the door hurriedly and shouted, "Dr. Sade, we just had a serious patient from a car accident. Doctor Mellett is in surgery. Come and take over."

Nydia couldn't care about anything else, because life mattered. So she hurriedly followed the nurse to change her surgical clothes.

After three hours of surgery, Nydia walked out of the operating room, exhausted. She didn't expect to meet the last man she wanted to meet in the hallway.

The handsome man in front of her was Stewart, who had just made love with another woman.

Stewart obviously didn't expect that he would bump into Nydia. He narrowed his dark eyes and whispered tentatively, "Why are you here?"

What he meant was that she was following him.

Nydia suppressed her anger and laughed coldly, flicking her hair. "Mr. Youngren's eyes are not very good. I'm naturally a doctor in this hospital since I'm wearing the surgical gown, or do you think I followed you here?"

Stewart looked at her for a long time and suddenly thought, "Maybe, or how else could I like you before?"

Nydia's fingertips fell into her palms and she smiled. "Of course I'm not as good as a married woman. Isn't it especially fun for you to sleep with someone else's wife?"

"Much more fun than sleeping with you, bland and tasteless." Stewart's eyes flashed with a complicated look, avoiding her eyes and pursing his lips coldly.

His words were really like a knife, cutting her heart without pity. He called Henna affectionately. He was still not guilty of cheating on her and even sneered at her.

He was not a man!

Nydia was so angry that her body trembled slightly. Something came to her mind. She suddenly walked up to him and brushed his strong chest with the most attractive posture. "Stewart, you haven't tasted me yet. How do you know I'm bland and tasteless? But I've tasted a man stronger than you. It's so soul-stirring that I can't forget it forever."

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