Chapter 4

The two of them gradually walked towards her. Nydia subconsciously retreated to room 206 next to her, and she closed the door to isolate the two outside.

But what she didn't expect was that Stewart, who was holding Henna, couldn't control his desire anymore and got in as well

Nydia took a few steps back. Obviously, she didn't want to run into the couple in such a situation, or maybe she wasn't ready to watch them having sex for the second time.

She was afraid that this time they would see her being painful. After all, she had been with Stewart for five years. It was not easy for her to move on shortly.

Just as her eyes were reddening and she was getting agitated, Nydia was pulled behind the curtains.

Fortunately, the curtains were big enough for two people to stand inside and not be seen.

The next moment, Stewart picked Henna up, causing her to moan, and then both of them fell onto the bed. He whispered hoarsely with fiery lust, "Henna, give it to me."

"Stewart, I..." Henna pretended to be shy and pressed against his shoulder, but in fact, she had already been turned on as his strong abdominal muscles pressed against her. "I haven't divorced Ian yet, so I can't do it with you..."

So three months ago, Nydia interrupted them, and they didn't continue. They hadn't done it yet?

"Henna, I broke up with Nydia for you. Isn't that enough, huh?" Stewart narrowed his dark eyes and pinched her chin. His tone was slightly unpleasant, but he couldn't bear to hurt her.

Henna looked at him with wet eyes and said in a hoarse voice, "I know you love me, Stewart..."

"That's good. Don't say no to me anymore." Stewart raised his hand and tore open her skirt. He whispered in her ear, "Please let me in."


The soft moans of the woman and the gasps of the man were heard through the curtain, and even the sound of the impact from them could be heard clearly.

Nydia's face was slightly pale. Even if she was calm, she could not stand Stewart, who she loved for five years, sweet-talking and mingling with another woman in front of her.

As their shameless cries grew louder and louder, Nydia's heart was broken into pieces. She felt that her throat was blooding, and she could no longer bear it.

Just as Nydia took a half step, her chest was tightly squeezed by someone. She frowned bitterly and glared back. "Son of a bi*ch..."

And she suddenly stopped. She was shocked and she had never expected to enter this man's ward.

The handsome man in a loose hospital gown had calm, warm eyes, as if the man and woman in front of him had nothing to do with him. "It's the first time I've heard her moaning so loudly. It looks like your boyfriend is so good at this."

Nydia was stunned. Then she realized that the woman lying under Stewart was the man's wife, and that he was also being cuckolded by Stewart!

The most unbearable thing for a man was to be cuckolded. But it seemed that he was not angry at all as he still stayed calm.

Listening to the sound of these two, it was impossible for anyone to stay calm. She was very close to the man behind her, and they had a one-night stand too.

Nydia only felt the space was too small and too hot, and she heard his meaningful magnetic voice. "It looks like that they are going to finish. Who do you think will endure longer, me or him, in the same position and at the same speed?"

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