Chapter 12

Obviously, John didn't take what she said at her birthday party seriously. He didn't believe that his daughter, a married woman, was so dissolute to have a relationship with Stewart. He thought she and Ian were deep in love.

Nydia walked over as if nothing had happened and sat beside Mavis. Apparently, Mavis was not happy to see her and didn't give her a good face. But Nydia smiled and said casually, "Aunt Mavis, how's the signing for the company shares I gave you? Have they been transferred to your name?"

Just then, both John and Mavis were stunned.

John's face seemed to darken, while Mavis was obviously afraid of being found out. She quickly explained in a smiley face, "I was just about to tell you about it, but I was afraid of disturbing your rest in the United States. So I decided to let you know when you get better."

"What's going on?" John glared, seemingly dissatisfied with this matter. After all, he had given a lot of shares to Mavis and her daughter. How could she grab Nydia's shares?

"Nydia got into trouble at the hospital." Mavis seemed to have already come up with an excuse and said without even blinking. "An old employee of our company died from an accident she treated, so the employee's family complained about her. The company lost a lot of money to solve this problem. The loss was not our responsibility, so -"

Then Mavis looked at Nydia kindly. "So Nydia used her own shares to offset the loss of the company, right?"

What a good reason!

Nydia stared at her with a half-smile before chuckling. "Yes, thanks for Aunt Mavis's help. Of course I have to contribute my worthless shares. Aunt Mavis also asked me to stay at home for a month. So even though the hospital withdrawn the lawsuit, I would stay at home for a month to rest and then go back to the hospital."

After hearing this, John's frown gradually relaxed.

Just as he was about to say something, Henna smiled gently at Ian and said, "Honey, my sister rarely comes back home. I also want to go back to Sade family, can I?"

Ian rarely came home. Even if Henna stayed at home, she couldn't see him. So it would be better for her to go back to Sade family and sometimes show her love with Ian to irritate Nydia. Then Nydia couldn't use her sexy photos to make mischief between them.

Henna believed that Ian would not have time to cheat her with such a beautiful wife around him!

Henna thought both Ian and Stewart were the men belong to her. She just wanted to irritate Nydia!

Ian's eyes were so deep and dark and he said slowly. "Of course, it's rare for you two to have time to get together for such a long time. Just stay at Sade family and chat more."

"Thank you, hubby." Henna gently touched his long and white fingers with a virtuous smile.

Looking at this scene, Nydia also smiled. Having thought of something, she said with a coquettish smile, "Have I told you about my boyfriend?"

Henna's smile stiffened for a moment.

She never thought that Nydia would mention Stewart to their face. Was she going to infuriate John again?

Hearing this, John suddenly answered seriously, "Don't tell me it's the one you mentioned at the birthday party last time!"

Although he thought it was ridiculous that Henna, a married woman, would steal her boyfriend, he believed that she did have a boyfriend.

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