Chapter 13

Nydia gently propped her chin. She brushed her tassel earrings with her fingertips and looked at them lazily. "His name is Stewart. We've been in love for five years, but I haven't had a chance to introduce him to you."

"What does he do?" John saw that she did not mention it again, and his tone softened a little.

"He runs a chain of bars." Nydia answered too tactfully and it was suspicious.

Especially Henna, she didn't understand what Nydia was trying to do.

"There is no good prospect in opening a bar!" John didn't like this job. Obviously, the older generations almost didn't like the word "bar", and their thoughts were more feudal. However, he finally could talk with his daughter normally, so he didn't object too strongly.

"His current company is going public." Nydia spoke in a tone as if she was not talking about her ex-boyfriend.

This made Henna frown more and more tightly. Did she reconcile with Stewart so quickly?

After listening to what she said, John hesitated and said awkwardly, "When do you have time to bring him home to meet me? You don't have any schemes at all and you don't know even if you are deceived. If he really has a legitimate company, he is kind of satisfactory. The Sade family can help him out if he has any difficulties."

Nydia seemed to be waiting for this sentence. She glanced at Henna's pale face meaningfully and agreed happily, "Okay, just this weekend."

John was relieved.

After dinner, Nydia went upstairs and said that she was going to call Stewart to tell him about it. Mavis still caught Ian and made him talk with Henna. She didn't notice that Henna's face was more and more displeased.

In the room upstairs.

Nydia did call Stewart.

The call was connected immediately after a few beeps. He still kept the same habit that he had when they were in a relationship, never letting her wait.

She was in a daze for a moment. She did not know why a man who had loved her so much had betrayed her.

At this moment, a man's unique, magnetic and pleasant voice came from the phone. He said in a little low voice, "Hello? Nydia?"

Nydia didn't say anything. In the past, she would called him Stewart, and she wouldn't get tired of calling him Stewart many times.

Now... She couldn't say it.

When she thought of the scene when Henna had sex with him and called Stewart over and over again in the hospital last time, she felt that these two words had been defiled and she could no longer speak.

"Nydia... Is it you?"

How could he still answer her phone so casually? Last time at the hospital, he didn't even apologize her for having an affair, and he also righteously scolded her for being cheap.

Nydia returned to her senses and smiled charmingly. "It's me. Are you surprised that I called you, or regretted that you answered my call?"

Stewart seemed to be silent for a while, and the atmosphere was a little stiff. After a while, he said in a slightly cold tone. "No, although we broke up, if you have something to talk to me... I won't hang up on you yet."

Sure enough, the little joy of getting through the phone at first was just Nydia's subjective imagination.

"Are you free this weekend?" Nydia didn't want to talk in a roundabout way and went straight to the point. "I want you to come to the Sade family."

The atmosphere froze instantly and Stewart's voice became low. "Nydia, what are you trying to do?"

"John knows about you. During our five-year relationship, you haven't been here once. At least, we need to give him an explanation for our breakup, or are you going to let me explain that... the reason why we broke up was because you fell in love with Henna?" Nydia asked lazily, as if she did not mind at all, but threatened him lightly.

"I warn you, Nydia! Don't involve Henna. She's very innocent. She has nothing to do with our breakup!" Sure enough, when Stewart heard Henna, he became anxious and even his voice became colder.

Because Henna told him that she would divorce Ian sooner or later, but not now. He would not let the woman he loved bear a bad reputation of having an affair.

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