Loving You Is The Best Thing I Have Done

Chapter 1

"Miss Mellis, how much do you earn every month?"

Quentina Mellis paused as she stirred the coffee with a spoon and looked up at the man opposite her. He was her blind date today. The person who introduced him to her told her mother that he was a high-quality single man, working as a supervisor in a big company and earning a nice salary of tens of thousands a month.

Quentina was only 24 years old and was urged to marry by her mother, which made her not dare go home. She had no choice but to accept this blind date. When she met this so-called high-quality single man, she never expected that he would ask about her income so directly.

"I own this coffee shop." Quentina maintained her politeness. When the man looked around and showed satisfaction, Quentina added, "But it hasn't made a profit yet."

Hearing this, the man changed his expression and asked her, "So you are operating it at a loss?"

Quentina nodded.

The man frowned, "Well, are you investing your own money or borrowing from others? How much debt do you owe now?"

"I run it in partnership with a friend. I've borrowed some money and I'm owing about 100,000 dollars now." Quentina answered honestly. Judging from the man's reaction, she could tell that he had been dissatisfied. That was good because she did not like this man either.

"Miss Mellis, this is your premarital debt, so I won't help you repay it after we're married. You're in debt now, so I don't think you have any real estate, do you? I have two houses, which are my premarital property. You can move in after we're married, and we'll pay the mortgage together, but you can't own it."

"Miss Mellis, I'm not young anymore. My parents want to have grandchildren. After we're married, I hope you can get pregnant and have a baby soon. It was not easy for my parents to raise me and my sister, and they had lived a hard life when we were young, so when you give birth to a child, they won't help you take care of the baby. You have to take care of it yourself."

"I can't cook, and I'm busy with work, so you have to prepare three meals a day. I won't be helpful with the housework, but I like to be clean and tidy, which means you have to clean up the house so that I won't be affected by the mess when I get home."


"Mr. Jeffrey." Quentina interrupted him, with which the man was obviously dissatisfied. Quentina did not care about how he was feeling at all and said bluntly, "Mr. Jeffrey, I'm sorry. You may have found the wrong person. I can't meet your requirements. Please find another woman who is willing to be a free maid for your family. The coffee's on me."

After that, she just pointed to the door and made a gesture of letting him out.

The man's face blushed out of embarrassment. He probably had never expected Quentina to be so blunt and had always felt that he was very outstanding and had a nice income. That he was willing to meet Quentina here was already a great honor for her. For the sake of Quentina's youth and beauty, he could marry her reluctantly, but Quentina did not appreciate his kindness.

Mr. Jeffrey suddenly stood up and took out his wallet. He took out a hundred bill from it, slammed it on the table, and then said to Quentina, "I can afford a cup of coffee. You don't have to treat me."

He stuffed his wallet back into his trouser pocket, pulled out the chair, and turned to leave. After a few steps, he stopped, looked back at Quentina, and said, "No man will marry a woman like you who refuses to serve the family and has no sense of decency."

Quentina picked up her cup of coffee and threw it at the man. She shouted angrily, "Get out of here!"

Mr. Jeffrey didn't expect her to hit him and the coffee was hit right in him, which made his white suit stained by coffee. He just stamped his feet with anger, and the guests around all looked over here. He couldn't scold Quentina here and had to leave some tough words, "Gentlemen won't fight with vixens."

With that, he left in a hurry.

(Humph. Who did he think he was? How could he be a high-quality man!)

Quentina felt that it was a waste of her time. She would rather marry no one for the rest of her life than marry such a strange man.

A few guests were about to leave, but they stopped to look on when they saw this scene.

One of the men said a few words to the others when it was over, and those people went out first. Then the man walked towards Quentina.


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