Chapter 6

Quentina praised, "Of course, Jack is an excellent man."

Jack accepted her praise with a smile.

[An hour later.]

[In the Civil Affairs Bureau.]

A man about the same age as Jack was waiting at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. Seeing Jack's car slowly approaching and being parked, he immediately came over with a smile as bright as the sun in the sky.

Jack and Quentina got out of the car one after another.

The man looked at Quentina and asked Jack with a smile, "Jack, is this your wife?"

Jack turned to look at Quentina while she was not shy at all. Anyway, she and Jack were pretending to be a couple. She gracefully reached out her right hand to the man. "Hello, my name is Quentina Mellis."

The man glanced at Jack. Seeing that Jack did not seem to object to his handshake with Quentina, he reached out to shake hands with her and introduced himself, "Hello, Mrs. Yankey. My name is Yehudi Cush, Jack's good friend."

Quentina smiled and said, "Mr. Cush, you can just call me Quentina."

Yehudi glanced at Jack again, insisting on calling her, Mrs. Yankey.

Unable to make him change his mind, Quentina no longer insisted.

Yehudi took the two of them in. As he walked, he said to Jack, "I was so lucky to have the opportunity to serve you now. I thought you would become a celibatarian after Sabina left."

Quentina listened to their conversation carefully.

(Sabina? Jack's sweetheart?)

Why did he say that he never had a girlfriend when she asked him?

Before Jack could say anything, Yehudi suddenly remembered Quentina and quickly explained to her, "Don't misunderstand Jack. It's a story long, or to say they were childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Sabina went abroad ten years ago and rarely came back."

Quentina smiled generously and said, "I don't care."

She hired Jack to be her husband and made use of him to shut her mother's mouth. In this case, her mother would stop forcing her to go on blind dates so that she would not be bothered anymore.

As for whether Jack had a lover before or now, she didn't care. She would feel it strange if no woman liked such an outstanding man as Jack.

Seeing that Quentina didn't care, Yehudi finally breathed a sigh of relief. However, he still blamed himself secretly for mentioning Sabina.

Jack's friends all knew that Sabina and Jack were childhood sweethearts and that Sabina fell in love with Jack when she was a teenage girl. They all thought that the two of them would become a happy couple.

However, Sabina suddenly left for another country ten years ago. They asked Sabina the reason but she didn't tell them. They then asked Jack but and he answered that Sabina could make her own decision.

Jack looked at Quentina first with a little nervousness in his eyes when Yehudi mentioned Sabina but Quentina did not catch the change in his eyes since she didn't pay any attention to him.

Seeing that Quentina didn't care about this, Jack secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He then glared at Yehudi, warning him that he would pull out Yehudi's tongue if he continued to talk nonsense. What a gossipmonger.

Yehudi just chuckled. He now begged for mercy since he had done something wrong.

After that, even if Yehudi was curious about when Jack and Quentina started their relationship, he did not dare to ask any more questions because he was afraid that he would say something he shouldn't have said again.

Jack was 29 years old but he had never been in a formal relationship. Sabina liked him but Jack never admitted that they were lovers. Everyone knew Jack thought that he was a heartless man and never expected that he would come to register for the marriage without saying anything to them.

What a tight cover!

Under Yehudi's witness, Jack and Quentina finally got their marriage certificate.

Yehudi originally wanted to send the two who had just become a legal couple out but was refused by Jack. Therefore, Yehudi could only say to Quentina, "Mrs. Yankey, come to my house with Jack when you are free. My wife will be willing to make friends with you."

Quentina replied politely, "Okay."

"Be careful on the road. I'm leaving."

Although Yehudi said he wouldn't send them off, he did and secretly punched Jack while Quentina was not paying attention to them. He then said in a low voice, "You have to treat us to dinner tomorrow night. How could you hide this kind of thing from us?"

However, Jack replied in a low voice, "No, I have to see her parents tomorrow."

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