Chapter 3

"Mr. Jeffrey is so nice, but you treat him rudely. What did I tell you before? You're simply a disgrace to me. I never taught you to hit him with a cup. Mr. Jeffrey said that if you are willing to apologize to him, he will forgive you and try dating you."

"Camille Curd, the girl two years younger than you, has married into a rich family. Marring a wealthy man is unnecessary, but I hope you marry early so that I can be much relieved."

Quentina waited for her mother to finish her bombardment before replying helplessly, "Mom, I'm only twenty-four rather than thirty-four. I'm young. Why not push my 29-year-old brother?"

Mrs. Mellis snapped back angrily, "He refuses to listen to me."

Quentina was speechless. (So, mom couldn't urge my brother and turn to push me, right? I now become the target of torment. How could that be?) she complained in her mind.

"Mom, you have no idea how weird Mr. Jeffrey is. Anyway, it's a long story. I'll explain to you when I'm free. I will never apologize to him. I, Quentina Mellis, won't consider marrying him even if I will be single forever."

"Besides, Camille's marriage is not to be envious. She just serves as a mistress. Do you think I don't know the truth? The man she marries is old enough to be her father, and he's not that well-off. He just has two buildings for rent. I have no interest in marrying such a person."

Quentina covered her phone and asked Jack in a low voice, "Which family is truly the richest in A City?"

As a first-tier city, A City boosted a large number of well-to-do people. Ordinary people like Quentina were puzzled at which family owned the most assets.

Jack also answered her in a low voice, "It's the Jacklin family. Prosperity Group belongs to them and their industry covers all over the country."

Quentina immediately responded to his mother, "You can ask Camille to marry into the Jacklin family. She marries such an old man and you're so envious. Do you want me to be a mistress of an old man?"

"Bah, bah, bah You would rather be single and raised by me than be a third person."

Mrs. Mellis rebutted hurriedly and quickly ordered Quentina, "Tomorrow is Saturday. Close your store tomorrow and meet another man. Your Seventh Aunt introduced him to you. I have seen his photo. He's good-looking."

Quentina was helpless, "Mom, please leave me more time."

"Then why not find a boyfriend yourself? It has been predicted that if you fail to marry this year, you will never meet your true love and be single throughout your lifetime."

Quentina thought, (How could mom believe in that wild guess?)

"Quentina, are you listening? Listen to me and don't waste my time."

"Mom, I'm listening. How dare I give a perfunctory answer to your phone call? Mom, most fortune-tellers only know the past, not the future. If they can really predict accurately, ask them how to win the lottery. I'll invest all my money in it."

Jack, who was listening to their conversation, couldn't help but chuckle. Receiving Quentina's stare, he quickly cleared his voice and looked away.

After successfully coaxing her mother, Quentina hung up the phone and bent over the desk, looking sad as if she had nothing to live for.

"Jack, when do you think my days nowadays will come to an end? Now my phone's ringing makes my scalp pins and needles every time."

She sat up straight and looked at Jack, ready to diss her mom. However, when she met Jack's smiling eyes, she blinked and looked up and down at the man.

Jack was a man of a regular feature, elegant and gentle. In terms of his appearance, Quentina gave him a total score of 90 points.

After thinking for a while, Quentina blurted out, "Jack, are you the same age as my brother? Are you married?"

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