Chapter 10

Yale failed to wrench his hands-free after a few attempts. Suddenly, his face turned red.

Jack's eyes were filled with disgust. When Yale made another attempt, Jack loosened his grip.

Yale, unprepared, staggered back and bumped into a table, hitting his waist when Jack let go of his hand. He gasped in pain.

Embarrassed, Yale quickly held the table and steadied himself. Then he stood up straight and straightened his suit worth 20,000 dollars. After adjusting his tie, he looked up at Jack and said angrily, "Who the hell are you? I'm talking to my girlfriend. It's none of your business."

Jack tilted his head to look at Yale and he sneered, "Why didn't I know my wife became your girlfriend?"

Yale was dumbfounded.

Quentina thought to herself, (Jack's too engaged in the role of my husband. If he were an actor, he'd be movie emperor material.)

Looking at Quentina in disbelief, Yale pointed at Jack and asked Quentina, "Quentina, is that true? I heard that your blind dates failed a dozen times. You're not over me."

He came to Quentina after hearing the news about her. Thinking that she wasn't over her, he wanted to make Quentina his mistress with his wealth and status since his current girlfriend was not beautiful enough.

Jack went forward and stretched to grab Yale's tie. Then he pulled Yale closer and warned, "Mr. Sandgren, right? Listen, Quentina is not the name you can call. She's my wife. I'm the only man who can call her Quentina!"

Quentina gave Jack thumbs up inwardly, thinking that it was the right choice to hire him as her husband. Not only could he stop her mother from arranging blind dates for her, but he could also hit the scumbag.

But she felt self-conscious hearing that he claimed her to be his wife.

Maybe it was because she hadn't gotten used to it as they had just become a contractual couple.

"Do you know why Quentina failed more than a dozen blind dates?"

Jack turned to look at Quentina and smiled gently at her, causing her heart to race. She found Jack's smile more and more charming.

Jack still faced Yale with a smile and said in a gentle voice, as if he was not the one who had warned Yale overbearingly just now. He said, "Because she's waiting for me."

Yale didn't know what to say.

(Is this love talk?) Quentina thought.

Xanthe stood by with interest.

It took a long time before Yale retorted. He defiantly provoked Jack, "Besides your good look, what else can you, as a toyboy, give her?"

Yale was less confident. Jack was very strong. He grabbed Yale's wrist just now and it still hurt faintly.

Jack chuckled, and Yale couldn't feel worse. He flushed with anger.

"Mr. Sandgren, why don't you look yourself in the mirror? Your face is even fairer than mine. Of course, you are not as good-looking as me. You're more of a toy boy."

Yale Sandgren was lost for words.

Quentina dissolved into laughter.

Jack glanced at her, and she quickly covered her lips to stop herself from laughing.

Undaunted, Yale couldn't reconcile himself to failure. He had been with Quentina for four years, and he believed that Quentina still had feelings for him. Straightening his back, Yale asked Jack, "Can you grant Quentina a good life? From the way you dressed, I guess your monthly salary is less than five thousand dollars. I heard that Quentina owes more than a hundred thousand. I can help her pay it back now. Can you?"

Without telling Yale his income level, Jack turned around and walked out.

The onlookers, who enjoyed watching the show, were a little disappointed to see that Jack left without refuting.

Even Xanthe nudged Quentina and ask her in a low voice, "How much does he earn every month?"

Quentina shook her head and replied in a low voice, "I don't know either. All I know is that he works at the Prosperity Group and lives in Golden Park, and the monthly rent for water and electricity is more than 10,000 dollars."

How could someone who could afford to live in Golden Park earn less than five thousand dollars a month?

Xanthe tilted her head, observing Quentina for a long time. (That gentleman said that Quentina was his wife. How come she doesn't know how much her husband's income is?!)

Xanthe stopped talking at the thought that she didn't know about Quentina getting married although they were together all day.

"Quentina, see, he's unable to pay off your debts. I can now. Quentina, can we get back together? As long as you give me another chance, I will help you pay off your debts immediately."

Quentina sneered, looking at Yale's snobbish face, "Mr. Sandgren, aren't you afraid that your current girlfriend will confiscate everything you have now after knowing that you helped me pay my debts?"

(You're just showing off what you've got from climbing the social ladder. Shame on you!) Quentina thought.

Yale took a cursory look at the guests around him and said to Quentina in a low voice, "Quentina, shall we go out and talk?" There were too many people here.

Expressionless, Quentina said, "I'm sorry, I don't have time. If you have nothing to do, please go out. I'm doing business here."

Yale bit back the words he was trying to say when he saw Jack walk in again from the corner of his eye.

Jack came in after ten minutes, carrying a box. It was unknown what was in it.

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