Chapter 15


Yale beamed with joy. "Welcome back. It's better to stay at home."

Sabina smiled.

Sabina had several relationships over the past ten years abroad. But those men were not as good as Jack or Yale.

Without comparison, Sabina didn't know how good they were. After comparison, she learned to cherish.

This was why Sabina returned home and won Jack back again. She would do everything she could, as long as she could marry into the Jacklin family.

The sun descended toward the horizon.

The clouds glowed like fire.

Jack rode his bicycle back to Riviera Café.

At this time, there were no other customers in the store.

Quentina sat at the cashier, typing on the keyboard as if she was writing something. When she saw Jack come in with a travel bag, she asked casually, "Jack, have you moved everything here?"


Quentina closed the file.

She was writing a novel.

The coffee shop was still losing money. To make money, she, an old bookworm, tried to write a novel. Unexpectedly, the novel website was willing to sign a contract with her. But as she was a newcomer and had no historical achievements, they only offered her 30 dollars per thousand words. The editor said that the opening of her novel was amazing, so he would make an exception to give her, a newcomer, 30 dollars per thousand words.

Otherwise, she could only get 10 dollars per thousand words.

Quentina valued this part-time job very much.

Every day, she got up at three in the morning to write. As long as she had time, she would also write during the day. Usually, she needed to write until the middle of the night because she must update 16,000 words a day.

Her monthly commission after tax could cover the rent for the coffee shop. And the remaining two thousand dollars could cover her living expenses.

It was because she was tight on money that her boyfriend, who had been in love with her for four years, would betray her and find someone richer. He despised her for not being able to help him in his career and life.

"Xanthe, stay here, watch the store tonight. I'll take Jack to my place."

Xanthe smiled at Jack and replied, "Go ahead. There are only a few customers now. I can handle it alone."

Quentina put the laptop she bought online into her computer bag and walked out of the cashier with it.

"Jack, let's go."

Jack said gently to Xanthe, "Miss Yaney, thank you."

Xanthe smiled, "I'm Quentina's business partner. I also have a share of this store. So don't worry."

But in her heart, she was shouting, "Don't smile at me. You're so handsome!"

(You look even more handsome than an idol.)

(Quentina is bold. How dare she hires such a handsome man as her husband?)

(Quentina is indeed a writer. Her thoughts are different from that of a person like me who can not even write a composition.)

Quentina and Jack left the coffee shop.

Quentina looked around and didn't see Jack's second-hand Mercedes.

"Let's go."

Jack got on the bicycle, patted the back seat of the bike, and said to Quentina, "Here is very close to my company, so I parked my car in the company and biked here. I don't have to worry about traffic jams anymore."

Quentina was skeptical. As she sat in the back seat, she patted his bag. "You only have one bag?"

"You said you would cover all my expenses. Then what else do I need?"

Quentina didn't know how to reply.

"How far is your place from here?"

"About five hundred meters."

"Turn left or right?"

"Just ride forward. I'll tell you when we get there."

Jack immediately got on the bicycle and took Quentina away.

When they arrived at the apartment building that Quentina rented, she called Jack and said, "Jack, here we are. Just lock your bicycle downstairs. You have a lock, right? Remember to lock the car lock, in case someone will steal it."

Jack obediently locked his bicycle at the entrance of the apartment building, looked around, and followed behind Quentina.

It was a nine-story building built in the 1990s, so there was no elevator.

Quentina's apartment was on the sixth floor.

They went upstairs as they talked, not feeling tired.

On the sixth floor, Quentina took her rented husband to the apartment at the end of the corridor and said, "I rented the smallest apartment on this floor, and it's at the end of the corridor. After dinner, I'll get you a key."


Room 608 was the apartment that Quentina rented.

Quentina unlocked the door and opened it. She stood aside and waited for Jack to enter before closing the door.

Quentina's apartment only had one bedroom and one living room. For Jack, it was even smaller than his study.

In the living room, there was a small table and a few plastic stools. And there were several cardboard boxes in the corner. Jack didn't know what was inside but looked a little messy.

(Quentina's residence is really simple!)

(Fortunately, the floor is clean.)

"Jack, you have to sleep in the living room for the next few days. As soon as I get some money, I'll buy you a bed."

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