Chapter 4

Jack smiled gently, "I am the same age as your brother. 29 years old. Unmarried and no girlfriend."

Quentina said, "Don't your parents urge you to get married? You're 29 years old, and how come you don't have a girlfriend?"

"I told my parents that I wouldn't consider getting married until thirty. As for girlfriend." He gazed at Quentina meaningfully and then replied gently, "Maybe I haven't met the right girl."

"I see," Quentina whispered. She stared at Jack, hesitated for some time, and finally as if she had made up her mind. She asked Jack tentatively, "Jack, can I hire you to be my boyfriend?"

Seeing Jack's surprising look, Quentina rushed to say, "Don't worry, I will pay you, and the money won't be less. I promise I won't interfere in your private life. We can sign an agreement if you don't believe me. When you turn 30, we will terminate it and have nothing to do with each other in the future."

Jack was silent for a moment. He stared at her pretty face with a kind of glitter in his eyes. And then he asked her in a deep voice, "Are you sure you want to hire me to be your boyfriend?"

Quentina nodded and toyed with the idea that a man like Jack would definitely be able to shut her mother's mouth. Jack was way much better than those so-called good men whom she had blind date with.

"What if your mum approves our relationship and urges us to get married?"

Quentina smiled and said, "As long as I have a boyfriend, my mother won't rush me to get married in a short time."

Quentina knew very well that although her mother always urged her to get married, once she had a boyfriend, her mother would investigate and gain a deeper understanding of the person, lest Quentina met a scumbag again.

Jack picked up the cup in front of him and drank a mouthful of water. He put down the cup, tapping on the table with his slender fingers. After thinking a while, he said, "I think we should get it done properly to avoid future troubles."

Quentina blinked and felt confused.( Get it done properly?)

She asked tentatively, "Do you mean that we pretend that we are married? But my mother won't believe it without a marriage certificate."

Jack replied casually, "We can go to the Marriage Bureau and get our marriage certificate."

"If we get our marriage certificate, we are not pretending."

Quentina was not stupid. As long as they went to the Marriage Bureau to register their marriage, they would be a legal couple, not a fake marriage.

Jack chuckled and said. "Didn't you say you wanted to hire me? Let's sign an agreement."

Quentina thought for a moment and then looked back at Jack. She had known Jack for eleven years. Even if they became a real couple, she should not suffer losses.

"Fine. Let's sign an agreement. A contract marriage."

Jack's eyes flickered. He replied, "Great, are you going to draft the agreement, or shall I do it?"

Quentina immediately said, "I'll do it. I'll draft the agreement and let you check it after. If there are no issues, let's sign the agreement and go to the Marriage Bureau. My mum won't bother me with my marriage anymore in the future. Give my head peace back."

Jack laughed lightly and said, "So, why don't you do it now and let me check? If there's no problem, let's go and sort everything out. I'm free this afternoon."

Quentina was speechless and wondered why Jack seemed more excited than she was.

(It must be my illusion. Jack is trying to help me.)

"Okay, I am going to write the agreement and print out two copies. Jack, please have some snacks and wait for me."

Quentina stood up as she spoke.

Jack nodded with a gentle smile. He made an eye gesture to her telling her to do as she pleased.

Quentina stood up and remembered where she was. She looked around nervously and felt relief that people around her were either drinking coffee or chatting with friends. None of them seemed to pay attention to her.

(It seems like no one hears our conversation.)

Quentina breathed a sigh of relief and hurried to draft the marriage agreement.

After Quentina left, Jack took out his phone to call Mr. Tache. When Ms. Tache picked up the phone, he demanded in a deep voice, "Ms. Tache. Postpone the 3 pm meeting to next Monday morning at nine."

Ms. Tache felt surprised. The afternoon meeting was important, but she didn't ask much and replied respectfully, "Okay, Mr. Yankey."

Jack hung up.

Half an hour later, Quentina came back with two pieces of paper. She handed one of them to Jack and then sat down. She whispered to Jack, "Jack, please check the agreement."

Jack took the paper and put it on the table. He read the terms seriously.

Quentina wrote down four conditions.

"First, Jack Yankey is hired by Quentina Mellis as a boyfriend (or husband). The monthly salary is 5000 dollars. Quentina Mellis is in charge of providing food, accommodation, and clothes to Jack Yankey."

"Second, during the contract period, if one party meets their true love, the party can terminate the contract in advance without compensation."

"Third, during the contract period, the two sides do not interfere in each other's private life."

"Fourth, if both parties do not meet their true love during the agreement period, this agreement will commence when it is signed and continue for one year."

Quentina said shyly, "Jack, I just opened this coffee shop last year, and I made a loss. Although this year the business is getting better, I didn't make a profit yet. I can only pay you that much, but I can guarantee you food and accommodation."

Jack said indifferently, "It's okay. I have a job."

And then he asked, "Can I amend this agreement?"

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