Chapter 8

Jack's phone rang suddenly.

Zachary had no idea that Quentina was holding Jack's phone, and he called again because he didn't know Jack was driving.

Jack asked in confusion, "Quentina, who's calling? Could you answer it for me?"

"Jack, it's not convenient for me to answer the phone for you."

Although Quentina had thought about how to face her family the moment she decided to use Jack, she was still a little flustered when her brother called.

Well, she just needed more time to be mentally prepared for this.

"It's my brother calling," Quentina answered.

Jack was a little surprised. He and Zachary were college classmates, but they had seldom connected both in and out of class. To Jack, Zachary was just a classmate.

After graduating for so many years, they would occasionally have a drink together, but that was all.

"Let me answer it." Jack slowed down and slowly pulled off. Fortunately, there was a car parking off-site here.

He took the phone back from Quentina and answered Zachary's call.

"Zachary, what's wrong?" Jack asked in a melodic voice, which melted Quentina's heart.

Putting aside Jack's appearance, Quentina felt that it was worthwhile to hire him to play her husband just for his voice.

"Nothing serious. It's just that Yehudi called me and said that you were married. This is such a great thing, and as your classmate, I need to congratulate you as soon as possible."

Zachary laughed happily. "Jack, who's your wife? How did she win your heart? When will you take her out and when does the wedding come off? How about me being your best man?"

Everyone in their university knew that there was a certain coldness in Jack's manner. He seemed gentle to people, but in fact, he was cold and distant. Many girls in their university had had a crush on him, but he just ignored them and refused to be romantically linked with anyone.

When Yehudi told Zachary this news, he called Jack immediately out of curiosity.

He was dying to know what Jack's wife looked like, to see what was so special about her as she could be Jack's wife.

Jack didn't know what to say.

He forgot that the big-mouthed Yehudi was also Zachary's friend.

"Jack, since you've got your relationship formalized, what's the need to keep your wife under wraps? Please let me know who she is."

Jack silently looked at his newly-wedded wife.

Quentina immediately understood what he meant.

After taking a few deep breaths, Quentina took the phone back from Jack.

"Zachary, it's me."

Zachary was surprised to hear Quentina's voice come down the line. He froze, and then checked his phone to make sure that he was called Jack. How could it be Quentina who was answering the phone right now?

"Quentina, is that you? But this is Jack's phone number."

Quentina paused for a second and answered Zachary seriously, "Zachary, I'm the one who got married to Jack."

Zachary's voice was so loud that she had already heard what he said just now.

Her words caught Zachary off guard, and he was so astonished that his phone slipped out of his hand and fell to the ground.

He must have misheard. How could Quentina be the one that had won Jack's heart?

The next moment, Zachary quickly bent down to pick up the phone and shouted, "Quentina, say it again? Who did you get married to? Jack Yankey? Do you know him? Do you know what kind of person he is? How dare you marry him!"

The thought of his sister marrying Jack drove Zachary insane.

Although he had been Jack's classmate for four years, Jack was still a close book to him. He did not even know where Jack lived right now.

But he was quite sure that Jack was not as easy-going as he seemed to be. He was skilled at calculating.

Quentina was a straightforward and innocent girl who had never schemed against anyone. How could she handle Jack?

"Zachary, I'll tell you about this when I'm free tomorrow. Mom wants me to go home tomorrow, and I'll take Jack back home."

As long as her mother met Jack, she would no longer arrange a blind date for her. If she only said on the phone that she had a boyfriend, her mother would not believe it.

And it was the reason why she used Jack. She wanted her mother to give up so that she could have some peace.

Quentina hung up the phone as soon as she finished speaking. Otherwise, she would be bombarded by Zachary's questions.

Although she didn't know Jack very well, they had known each other for eleven years, and she believed that Jack was not a bad person.

Zachary, who was hung up by his sister, paced up and down in his office while talking to himself, "Jack, you sanctimonious hypocrite! How dare you have designs on my sister?"

"Quentina, you are bold to marry Jack. Do you think you can handle him?"

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