Chapter 11

The onlookers fixed their eyes on Jack, Quentina, and Yale and pricked up their ears immediately, waiting to see what would happen next.

Some people were ready to leave. But once they saw Jack come back again, they sat back in their seats, ordered a cup of milk tea and a few snacks, and watched while drinking and eating.

Quentina stepped forward and said softly, "Jack, just let it go. Don't let that kind of person bother you."

Jack tilted his head to look at her. His eyes were so deep and unreachable. His voice was still mellow. But Quentina could feel his tone domineering.

"I'm not angry. I just can't let others laugh at you." If Jack didn't gain the face back, others would laugh at Quentina for her man didn't even earn five thousand dollars a month.

Quentina said quickly, "It doesn't matter."

Jack said in a low voice, "But it matters to me."

Quentina said, "Well, Jack, you keep acting. I'll see. And if you play a good role of husband, I'll reward you with money."

Yale looked at Jack proudly and contemptuously as Jack walked in with the box in his hand. Yale said with disdain, "Was I right, huh? How dare you pursue Quentina with your salary of fewer than 5000 dollars a month? Do you know how much I earn a month? You will be shocked..."


Not until Yale finished his words, Jack threw the box at Yale's feet. Yale was scared and jumped up, looking a little embarrassed.

The onlookers couldn't help but laugh.

Yale's face turned red again. He had the desire to pounce on Jack and fight with him. But he didn't dare to do it. Feeling the strength of Jack grabbing his wrist just now, Yale knew that he couldn't win Jack.

"Open it and take a look!"

Jack spoke in a commanding tone.

Yale wanted to defy the order, but he found that he could not say anything under Jack's deep gaze. So he squatted down obediently and opened the box.

Everyone was silent when the box was opened. It was so quiet that even the sound of a needle falling to the ground could be heard.

It was a box of money, which looked brand new. The bills were tied up in bundles, making Yale envious when he saw these.

Quentina was also shocked by this. She widened her eyes and looked at the box of money. There was a question in her mind. (Could it only be a prop for filming?)

Jack stood in front of Yale and looked down at his shocked face. Jack said with a gentle voice, but his words were harsh, which made Yale ashamed, "I just took this out of the bank."

Yale really wanted to find a place to hide.

He had thought he was rich and superior. But now the thought was trampled on the ground by Jack, and his self-esteem was shattered.

Yale hated Jack very much for Jack made Yale bow his head in shame. (This man, who I didn't even know the name of yet, dared to do this to me. Just wait and see. I'm gonna kick your ass!)

Jack bent down, closed the box, picked it up, and asked Yale with a half-smile, "Mr. Sandgren, do you want to go out by yourself or should I kick you out?"

Yale stood up and did not even dare to look at Jack. He blushed and left dejectedly.

On-lookers thought in mind. (What a wonderful show!)

"Clap, clap, clap."

Applause broke out.

Quentina also applauded.

Jack looked around at the on-lookers who were attracted. Finally, his eyes fell on Quentina, who was clapping her hands hard. After changing a hand to carry the box, he pointed his finger at Quentina's forehead, saying with a helpless expression, "Quentina, I did this for you."

"I know, Jack. That's so good. You acted well. It was right to choose you. I have such a good eye for choosing people." Quentina giggled and praised Jack with a series of good words. (Say some good words doesn't cost money anyway.)

Jack looked at her silently.

Quentina was baffled by his gaze.

"I'll return the money first. I borrowed it from my friend. He works at a nearby bank." After saying this, Jack walked past Quentina with the money.

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